The Future Of Gaming – Term Paper Example

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The paper "The Future Of Gaming" is a good example of a marketing term paper.
The gaming industry in today’s world is more mainstream and money-fueled than ever before. The enormous names gaming industry are asking their customers for high prices for any minor extra thing that should have come with the game when it was initially bought. The highly prolific games are being promoted like blockbuster movies and developed from a revenue and mass-appeal view point rather than on creativity as their sales expectations are in the millions.
The gaming industry, once upon a time was full of developing studios that were mostly concerned about stature and appreciation of the fans rather than profit. At that time, a small studio could launch numerous games of the highest quality in a single year while today a similar studio would have to make huge effort to launch even a single game that would get noticed (Anonymous, 2008).
The gaming in the future would simulate reality in a very convincing way. Firstly, a lot of games require human interaction. The requirement for a challenger or teammate will always be present because no gamer can play in isolation. The appearance of groups that contend in ladders and leagues are just an indication of what will take place when gaming becomes ordinary. Professional electronic gaming competitions will one day entertain millions of fans (Steere, 2007). It is just a matter of time before game developers are able to take advantage of each of the five senses. Not only will the gamers feel pain, but they would be able to see, hear, taste and smell it as well. Moreover, the future’s games would be probably at a more reasonable price range. They will be also customizable, bigger and more detailed. If knowledge is to be infused in tomorrow’s children, then it will have to do through future gaming platform (Wong & Woyach, 2007). When education is incorporated with the gaming, the most powerful tool of entertainment, then the actual power of games will be apprehended. The future of gaming has the prospect to become favorable or viscous to the world, just like any other technology.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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