Environmentally Sustainable Buildings – Term Paper Example

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The paper "Environmentally Sustainable Buildings" is a perfect example of a term paper on engineering and construction.   Houses are designed so that the occupants can be comfortable at all times. In this modern era, the environment has been of great concern. This is because; human activities are contributing to a larger percentage of environmental pollution as well as environmental deterioration. Since the environment supports life in most aspects, it is therefore important to ensure that the environment is always conserved. The design of houses in the construction industry has been improved to incorporate all the aspects of environmental conservation as well as using minimum energy.

A sustainable house will ensure that the future generation will enjoy all the facilities the present generation is enjoying. This particular house should have ample ventilation, a favorable temperate, adequate air changes, favorable humidity, enough lighting and so many other factors that would ensure that the occupants are comfortable. Since achieving these conditions needs design materials that need to be included, the cost of such materials together with their specific properties has to be determined so that the best cost which should be the minimum cost can be determined.

The effect of the materials to be used to the environment has to be investigated so that the materials to be used have a negligible negative impact on the environment. It is also important to determine the inner and outer temperatures, this will help in choosing materials that will ensure that their temperature is kept at a minimum level. At the same time, the appearance of the house should be pleasing all the time, therefore, in the design, the materials with the best aesthetic properties must be carefully selected This indicates clearly that in coming up with the environmentally sustainable buildings, the energy to be used, the cost of the materials, the effect of the building to the environment as well as the effect of the materials to be used on the environment have to accurately investigate and ultimately determined so as to achieve the intended purpose of the buildings. Environmentally Sustainable Buildings Introduction The amount of heat in a house dictates the level of comfortability of the occupants.

if the heat is too high, the inner temperatures will be severe hence causing sweating to the occupants who may lose a lot of water in the process, they will spend a lot of money to acquire equipment such as fans to try to reduce the heat in the house which is very uneconomical.

On the other hand when the heat is too low, the occupants will lose a lot of heat energy from their bodies, this will cause continued shivering to the occupants which may force the occupants to acquire heaters in the house.

It is therefore important to ensure that the heat in the house is kept at a reasonable level that will ensure that the occupants lead a normal lifestyle without any need of acquiring extra equipment. The temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces must be kept as minimum as possible and also it should be kept constant, to ensure this happens, the mechanism of the heating load and the cooling load must be clearly checked to standard rates so that the temperature is kept constant at all times.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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