Defenders of Wildlife in Conserving the Biodiversity in Various States – Term Paper Example

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The paper "Defenders of Wildlife in Conserving the Biodiversity in the Various States" is a worthy example of a term paper on environmental studies. Defenders of Wildlife is one of the environmental organizations in the United States. It is a non-profit organization that was started in the year 1947 to serve the country. The goal of the organization entails conserving the biodiversity in various states. Due to human activities, many wildlife species are at risk of being extinct. The organization protects the species by preventing human interference with their habitats. According to the organization, it is possible to conserve biodiversity if only public and private sectors cooperate in offering security to the species’ habitats. The organization protects both plants and animals. Apart from conserving the biodiversity, it also tries to address the effects of global warming by reducing the amount of carbon in the air (Defenders of Wildlife, 2014).

How the Organization Is Trying To Accomplish Its Goals
One of the strategies used by the organization to accomplish its objectives entails creating many programs that help in addressing specific issues. An example of its programs includes the Living Lands. The aim of this program is to help the land trusts protect wildlife species. For instance, they help in making decisions regarding where to offer protection in order to help the most endangered species. In addition, the program helps in giving directions on effective land stewardship. Through this program, the organization also offers incentives to landowners, especially those whose lands have environmental importance. According to the leading authority of the organization Casey, Vickerman & Hummon (2010), “Incentives are necessary to supplement other conservation tools such as regulations and land acquisition”. In addition, the program provides funds to the local community projects that help in restoring the native species. The other program developed by the organization includes the Grants Program. The aim of this program is to protect biodiversity in every state. Through such program, the organization gets funds from different agencies. The funds are usually used in protecting endangered species. The program enables the organization to collect about 68 million dollars from Congress. About 50 states the benefits of the funds collected by the organization. The other program developed is the Volunteer Corps. The program gives a chance to the local communities and people from other countries to participate in recovering endangered species. The market for Nature is also another program introduced by the organization in order to help it achieve its goals. The aim of this program is to involve investors, especially those trying to fulfill their social corporate responsibilities in conservation activities. Through this program, investors help the community by offering financial support to the ecosystem services. Investors’ support has helped in increasing the effectiveness of restoration activities (Defenders of Wildlife, 2014).
Another strategy used by the organization to accomplish its goals includes collaborating with the national, international policymakers and other similar organizations. The projects of the organization help in influencing conservation policies implementation. The collaboration also enables it to support the existing conservation policies and law. It ensures that the activities of the local communities are aligned with the existing environmental policies. It also conducts various scientific researches related to biodiversity. The results of the researches help in influencing national and international environmental policies. The organization highly participates in supporting and implementing lawful protects for wildlife species in courts (Defenders of Wildlife, 2010).
My Observations of the Organization
Based on my observation, the organization has done a good job of protecting endangered species. Its successes and reputation have made it be recognized worldwide. The organization has received various awards because of its achievements. For instance, it was ranked among the best non-profit organizations in the countries in the year 2006 in the reader’s digest magazine.
One of the organization’s achievements includes resolving human-wildlife conflicts by compensating those who lost their livestock to wild animals in the year 1987. In addition, the organization has protected many acres of natural habitats in the United States. The legal action taken by it in the year 2007 led to the closure of many snowmobiles areas in order to protect the species’ habitats from human interference (Robisnon & Reilly, 2009). The organization also introduced and influenced the implementation of the Oregon SB513. The bill allows state agencies to promote ecosystem services in markets to ensure effective wildlife conservation (Defenders of Wildlife, 2013).
Defenders of Wildlife is a nonprofit organization that deals with environmental protection. The organization protects endangered species by collaborating with state agencies and other similar organizations. It also actively engages in biodiversity scientific researches that help in supporting and influencing the implantation of effective conservation policies. The organization has accomplished some of its objectives through its various programs such as compensation and volunteer programs. The many rewards received by the organization prove that its conservation strategies are effective.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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