Re-inventing American Healthcare - Success of the Affordable Care Act – Term Paper Example

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The paper “ Re-inventing American Healthcare - Success of the Affordable Care Act" is a brilliant example of a term paper on health sciences & medicine. Many people are still pessimistic about the affordable care act and its expected success in society. However, depending on who is answering the question, the answer to the success of the act differs from one individual to the next. The initial rollout was welcomed with great relief by many, as people sought to understand how the act would be financed and the effect it would have on the quality of care for most of the people.

The successes of the Act have been a major boost to the growing need for affordable care though certain pitfalls remain in accomplishing an ideal work plan. One important aspect is the fact that the percentage of the uninsured has with time decreased significantly, as people continue to take advantage of this trend. The problem is that some do not understand how this will work out for them as the bracket of those to be insured continues to bring in more people.

The main problem with bringing in more people is the fact that it will be costlier to provide healthcare at subsidized prices1. The key concern is that the increase in the number without increasing the staff will have negative repercussions as the law continues to make it easier for more people to get quality healthcare. The aspect of affordable insurance has also become a major point of concern as the law aims at making insurance affordable for all people. However, this has not been possible for all people as the income brackets continue to dictate the rate at which people will achieve their needs within the healthcare system2.

Initially, the rollout was disastrous and few people signed up for the program. In fact, lesser numbers were approving the law in its form with the House Republicans seeking to repeal the law more than 50 times to no avail3. Such a high number of repeal requests shows that concerns ought to have been addressed to prevent getting the wrong impression of the whole process. Ideally, the growth of the insurance sector would be dependent on how well people understood its mandate.

If the government did not do anything, it would be difficult to get people to understand that their plans would reflect their needs and address their concerns4. If the health care deliverers did this accurately, it would have been easier to meet the core demands of the program while getting into a better understanding of the precise process that would see the plan work effectively5. It is difficult to determine whether the affordable care act has led to an improvement in the health outcomes to date.

The fact that more people are still served by the previous number of physicians and medical practitioners means that the rate at which care is provided is inefficient. The problem is that more money is being wasted and the government needs to take up initiatives to prevent these losses from making the whole country get into debt6. The problem is that the wastage is emanating from six main sections namely overtreatment, fraud, and abuse, administrative complexities, failures of coordinating care provisions, failures in the execution of the essential processes within care delivery systems, and in pricing failures.

Since they are easily identifiable, it is important to come up with ways of dealing with them. Money lost in the six cumulatively is almost $900 billion. Such an amount could be used to bring about better services for all at a cheaper cost7. The important thing is to take the critical aspects of the Act and ensure the people understand what they are all about. Some will only oppose the Act because they do not understand what it says.

They listen to politicians who have malice when making any judgments regarding the law and want to see it done way with to discredit the government8. The goal should be to educate people about their rights and ensure they do not struggle to understand what is expected of them, their physicians and the healthcare facilities. Nonetheless, the successes will take time before they can shape up for all people to enjoy them. The government needs to come up with a plan that will see the enrollment increase and the costs stabilize over time.

Handling this issue will require a direct means of finding the underlying cause of the failures and wastes. The government needs to assure more people of the ability to create a platform that will ease understanding of the act and meet the demands of society. Making the administration process easy will also help reduce waste and ensure accountability, hence the ability to reduce fraud and abuse.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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