Human Rights to Education or Healthcare and Duties Competent Bodies Provide to Fulfill These Rights – Term Paper Example

The paper “Human Rights to Education or Healthcare and Duties Competent Bodies Provide to Fulfill These Rights" is an excellent variant of a term paper on social science. Since the inception of Universal Declaration of human rights, the government and non-governmental organizations have tried to ensure that they provide with basic needs such as education and healthcare services. However, little success is yet to be achieved. This is because their efforts are hampered by the fact that other bodies are also providing similar services. Universal human rights can only apply to all regions. However, education and healthcare varies from one region to the other (Weisstub and Díaz 2008). In addition, they are provided by the existing bodies. Therefore, people cannot be guaranteed that they will be provided with these services by the virtue of being in existence.

Human rights are inalienable and fundamental rights that one has by virtue of being a human being. However, education and health do not fall under this category. This is because these are services that are optional and are provided to people on the basis of their location or other factors such as age. Human rights apply universally. Therefore, they cannot vary from one area to the other. In addition, they are not determined by the existence of the people. Instead, they are determined by the needs and environment. Therefore, the two services can only be enhanced to meet the varying needs of the people but cannot be guaranteed to all people (Orend 2002). This is because the interests of people vary with region, culture, race, and economic condition of the country.

People can only agitate for better education and healthcare but cannot expect that these services fall under human rights. This is because these are services that keep on being manipulated in order to meet the changing needs of the people. However, human rights are static and cannot be manipulated to meet specific interests. Therefore, the necessaries bodies can only increase their focus towards delivering high-quality services in these sectors in order to improve the welfare of the people.

Human rights are critical for the existence of the people. However, people have the choice to seek education and healthcare services. In addition, they are free to decide what the best is for them in terms of quality and their personal needs. This is the reason why people move from one part of the world to another in order to seek better education and health services. This is because these services depend on the welfare of the people and the commitment of the relevant bodies (Onazi 2013). Therefore, the bodies mandated with providing these services have a duty to ensure that all people have access to quality education and healthcare services. However, these are bodies that can be easily manipulated, an aspect that makes it hard for the two services to fall under the human rights category.

Education and healthcare access cannot be guaranteed to all human beings. Currently, there are many challenges that are affecting the bodies mandated with providing these services. In addition, through research, these sectors keep on changing. For instance, new diseases and treatment methods keep on arising. Furthermore, technology to be used in delivering these services changes with time. As a result, it is hard for the government and other private agencies to provide things such as education and adequate healthcare to all people. For instance, diseases such as HIV/Aids have no cure. In such a case, healthcare providers cannot guarantee people that they will provide people with adequate healthcare services.

Healthcare and education services are affected by various conditions which are beyond the control of human beings. For instance, the education and health facilities can easily be affected by various vagaries of nature such as floods, winds, etc (Kabasakal 2006). Therefore, human beings can only put up measures that would enable them to avoid such challenges. However, some of them might be beyond their control. However, human rights are those that are guaranteed by the virtue of being human beings. Therefore, education and healthcare cannot befall in this category.

There is nothing can be said in defense of the provision of education and healthcare services. However, the government and other stakeholders have a duty of ensuring that every person has access to education and quality healthcare. This is through investing heavily in setting up the necessary infrastructure and enacting policies that would support these sectors. This is to make sure that all people irrespective of their gender, race, culture, and religion are provided with these critical services.