The Global Design Trends Leading Us into the Future – Term Paper Example

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The paper "The Global Design Trends Leading Us into the Future" is a brilliant example of a term paper on design and technology. A trend is exceptional empirical facts observed and documented for a given period. Trends are somewhat stable over a number of years and not easily affected by instability or cyclical changes, and not subject to abrupt reversals. Basically, trends appear to have a clear direction and a robust path. The trends are predicted by examining social change, political climate and economic status, and also by assessing popular culture from a broader perspective.

Evaluation of information on these factors also considering the present global issues as well as events, translate into a prediction of future design trends. The global design trends are not new; they have been felt in the design industry for long. This research paper will examine significant trends in design and decoration by giving practical examples and suggest possible trends leading us into the future. The international society of our present world is basically part of everybody’ s lives. Whether someone is a mere observer or business person, it is simple to observe the effects of the fourth revolution, globalization, terrorism, immigration, 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability.

The simplest and most interesting thing to see is the global influences on design, particularly in interior design and decoration. According to Russell (2002), global politics apart, the great design goes beyond geographical borders, now it is good to travel abroad and buy some interesting pieces of stuff. Traveling overseas with an open mind and a keen eye with adequate money is the easiest approach to offer your rooms, state-of-art decors with culture conscious glance (p. 18). Living in a dynamic world of insecurity and prevailing cases of terrorism is likely to feature in future design.

The interior design will envisage less control in the near future whose layouts will offer a greater judgment of choice of expression (Blumenfield, 2017). Unique layouts are likely to offer sober mood with laidback style as an appreciation of easy pleasures, a feeling of solidity as well as certainty, and artisanal skills especially in moments of great uncertainty. This will offset the digital as well as virtual dominance which most individuals feel influences their lives as such avail a digital detox which appears grounded and low-tech geared towards recognizing beauty and satisfaction on simple things. Some of the macro design trends that are likely to impact future design include the creation of the latest design tools, social impact, designer originations, freelance design, data and re-emergency of new technology.

According to Blumenfield (2017), the majority of people and firms have channeled a lot of funds in new design tools like the case of Wake, Framer, and Figma – which brings together designers to work on common goals.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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