The Hazards of Smoking, the Negative Impact it Creates on the Human Body – Term Paper Example

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The paper "The Hazards of Smoking, the Negative Impact it Creates on the Human Body "  is an outstanding example of a term paper on media.   The Media never fails to grab our attention to some of the more catchy phrases it projects for smokers to quit smoking… but how far could this be true, especially when we look at the other side of the coin, where media turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to what actually takes place and the outcome of habitual smoking? Some such catchy phrases that are intended to bring about awareness among the smoking population include – “ Smoking is injurious to health” “ No- smoking ensures your health, ” “ Quit smoking.

It Kills, ” “ Quit smoking before smoking quits you, ” (Brandon Gaille, 2013) However, one of the most preventable yet leading causes of death around the globe is smoking, yet the lack of awareness among the people continues to make the problem get even worse. In this essay we would be discussing the hazards of smoking, the negative impact it creates on the human body, and the procedures for quitting the habit of smoking, with special reference to Australia and other countries around the globe. Targeting the Audience According to (Begg s, Vos T, Barker B, Stevenson C, Stanley L, Lopez AD, (2007) Australia was estimated to have had approximately 15, 500 deaths in 2003 brought about by smoking.

As a result, the quality of life decreased a great deal with a heavy risk and threat to life expectancy in Australia. Targeting an appropriate audience for any particular product is what smart marketing is all about and there is no doubt that marketing and advertising agencies take advantage of this situation and literally thrive on such audiences.

According to (Kotler, 2000) In the marketing industry, product marketing is directed towards particularly targeted audiences who are bound to view the messages either through media publications, digital advertisements, or just by word of mouth. A good example of attracting a targeted audience would be that such an audience would be in want or need of a particular product because it could be beneficial to them in some way. For example, people suffering from heart disease or smoking disorders would definitely want to minimize their risks of getting a heart attack or other damage to themselves brought about by smoking and therefore would keenly watch out for products that would lower their risks of smoking and improve their health and quality of life. A targeted audience as we know it includes people who are vulnerable in some way to the product being advertised and in this case it is smoking.

This particular audience falls prey to the smoking habit for many reasons. Some depend on it because they want to feel in with their peer group, some smoke due to health reasons such as nervousness, etc.

and others smoke because they have nothing better to do. However, from this targeted audience, we understand that all of them are dependent on this habit and once the habit is formed, they find it almost impossible to break away from it. Audiences are targeted through various marketing strategies such as advertisements and print and digital media. They may also be influenced by their peers or sometimes just by word of mouth.


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