Role of Regulatory Bodies, Clinicians and Patients in Healthcare Quality Improvement – Term Paper Example

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The paper “ Role of Regulatory Bodies, Clinicians and Patients in Healthcare Quality Improvement" is a forceful example of a term paper on health sciences & medicine. The provision of quality health services is fundamental to the success of any society; the government, development agents, experts as well as a society play an important role in promoting quality health. Quality health requires various pertinent tools and resources for instance: Technology, qualified personnel, and financial resources form the imperative components of health improvements. The Foundational Frameworks for Quality Health Improvements There are various fundamental designs that are formulated and implemented by various stakeholders to facilitate quality health improvement.

These designs vary in their level of efficacy as well as the number of resources needed for their successful implementation. To begin, stakeholder such as the government has been increasingly applying the concept of partnerships as a framework for improving quality health provision. This more like a collaborative approach whereby stakeholders such as health specialists and local communities work partnership in the identification of health problems and formulating effective solutions. Another framework that plays an important role in improving quality in the health sector is the research and innovation; this involves the provision of a platform to various stakeholders to develop new ideas and concepts that can facilitate the provision of quality health to the society.

Governments, donors and various communities can play a great role in promoting research and innovation in the health sector through the provision of resources such as; finances, technology, and human resources. Stakeholder definition of Quality in the Health Sector Various stakeholders have different perceptions and descriptions about quality in the dimension of health for instance: The Council of Medical Specialists Societies in the United States of America defines quality health as; the efficient delivery of health services by application of appropriate technology and the promotion of transparency.

The Council of Medical Specialist Societies (CMSS) also connotes that quality health involves the provision of health services at an affordable price as well as health incentive to the populace. On the other hand, various recipients of health services define quality health as the provision of effective, affordable and available health services.

Roles of Clinicians and Patients in Quality Improvement Clinicians play important roles in improving quality health provision by providing quality services to the patients after acquiring effective health knowledge and skills through training and research as well as innovation. On the other hand, patients may assist in quality health improvement through identification of various challenges that affect society; these challenges are presented to health experts who conduct research to develop solutions. Importance of Quality Management in the Health Sector Quality management is imperative in all aspects of health provision in the sense that it reduces mortality rates in various health institutions; quality management strives to reduce deaths through research and innovation that focuses on the development of appropriate health care services which are more efficient and affordable in nature.

Additionally, quality management focuses on ensuring affordability; this is achieved through the sustainable management of an institution’ s resources such as finances, technology, and human resources. The sustainable resources reduce the costs associated with health service provision hence increasing affordability. The Pertinent Areas Monitored to ensure Quality To begin with, the most pertinent area that should be properly managed to ensure quality is the research and innovation sector; constant monitoring is imperative in the research and innovation sector to ensure that quality ideas and technologies are presented in the health sector to quality improvement.

Secondly, it is important to constantly monitor health care policies of individual health centers to ensure that they comply with the set universal health care standards that promote quality. It is also imperative to monitor utilization of resources such as finances, technology as well as human resources to ensure that the person concerned to adhere to the stipulated policies and promote sustainability. Roles of various Regulatory Bodies in Quality ImprovementGovernments play an important role in the formulation and implementation of rules and regulation that are geared towards ensuring quality in health service provision.

Additionally, organizations such as the Care and Social Services Inspectorate of Wales conduct pertinent regulatory roles in the health sector to promote quality social care services. Organizations that Influence Quality ImprovementsAmong the imperative bodies that influence quality improvement in the health sector are health associations for instance: The American Public Health Association which has been active in conducting training programs, standardization, and stipulation of policies that are geared towards improving quality.

Other organizations are the World Health Organization and other health associations that focus on research and innovation that are directed towards promoting quality. ConclusionQuality health care provision is imperative in promoting development in various dimensions of the society; this requires a combination of various resources as well as skills and knowledge from myriad fields. It is therefore important for all stakeholders such as governments and other health specialists to take into consideration the different aspects of quality improvement such as; research and innovation, partnerships, top-bottom approach in the provision of health solutions and development of appropriate health policies.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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