Procurement of Construction, Engineering and Professional Services – Term Paper Example

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The paper "Procurement of Construction, Engineering, and Professional Services' is a perfect example of a term paper on engineering and construction. The South East England Local District council intends to initiate and execute a multi-purpose health and fitness facility to serve as a fitness center as well as a community center. The complex nature of the intended facility, therefore, requires sufficient panning especially with regard to tendering and procurement to ensure that the final responsibility of erecting the new public facility is eventually awarded to a worth and deserving contractor organization.

For instance, the implementation team intends to put up a structure approximately 3700 square meters to serve a wide range of functions such as 25 m training pool, 1250 square meters gymnasium, and aerobic studio. Similarly, the gross floor area of the proposed facility should be further subdivided to cater to the usable floor area approximately 2830 square meters in size. These are major subdivisions that require much thought and consideration in the design and implementation phases to produce a structure that meets the various descriptions within the plan. The concept of the Design and Build procurement system, therefore, comes in handy in such a project that requires constant reference to the initial plan as intended by the client.

In this case, in order to eventually build a public facility that befits the various functions as desired by the implementation team, there is a need to actively involve the same team in the whole process of executing the project, especially in the initial design. The Design and Build procurement system, therefore, allows for such free inclusion of the client, in this case, the leisure committee of the local authority, and thus becomes the most appropriate and suited procurement approach to go by in this case.

This report is therefore established to offer guidance to the leisure committee on the most suited procurement approach to implement if they should actually meet the demands of the local authority.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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