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The paper "Activities of Sustainability Victoria" is a brilliant example of a term paper on environmental studies. Sustainability Victoria (SV) was given a legislative mandate by the Victorian government to ensure sustainability in the use of resources (Daughterly 1996).   It came into existence after the merging of sustainable energy authority Victoria and Eco Recycle Victoria in 2005. SV as other government agencies it has to work in accordance with other agencies' policies and programs. Its main aim is to ensure that the government is able to meet today’ s needs without compromising the coming generation.

This is possible by ensuring environmental sustainability in everyday life by both business and individuals and giving advice on the use of new technology and identify areas in which sustainability is not utilized. This review shows the analysis of how SV is performing currently, its performance and recommendations on how to improve the mission of sustainability in Victoria (Sustainability Victoria Act, 2005) The figure shows objectives of sustainable Victoria that it was given as per the parliament act that formed it.     Current state   In this, we analyze how SV has been meeting its objectives.

SV's main aim is to provide programs in waste management, efficient use of energy and administration of grants. It’ s an agency that focuses on “ toward zero waste” .it includes how it operates, funding, projects, and policies in meeting its core functions (Kessler 2001). Agencies SV has many agencies that they interact with to ensure that there is a complementary relationship between them and assist in meeting roles and functions. Thus SV should ensure that all policies are implemented. Some of these agencies are Sustainability and environment department It assists in the management of government departments in developing policies and directions that advise the use of energy effectively.

This includes waste, bushfire, parks, forests and ecosystem management on behalf of the Victorian government. It also focuses on water management and its catchment areas. Environment Protection Authority It’ s a government agency that regulates the environment by influencing how the government impacts it. Its main work includes approving waste management plans (SIWMP) by industries and other waste management plans. Commissioner for environmental sustainability This is the state office that reports to the government directly. It audits education on sustainable ecology, advising the minister on development.

It also ensures that the state and government coordinate in meeting practices and procedures. Regional waste management groups They work under the minister of the environment on managing climate change. They also ensure coordination of municipal and council on waste management; provide waste management projects and dissolving member disputes.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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