Physical Inactivity and Impact of Technology Use on Health – Term Paper Example

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The paper "Physical Inactivity and Impact of Technology Use on Health" is a great example of a term paper on health sciences and medicine.   Health is essential for the development of any nation. A healthy workforce would mean productivity in that organization or country would definitely increase. The WHO defines health as not only physical wellbeing as well as mental and social wellbeing not only the absence of these diseases. The importance of health cannot be overemphasized as the growth of any nation in the world is mainly determined by the wellbeing of its workforce.

The assessment of a country’ s health condition and wellbeing is essential for the provision of information to use in economic planning and the overall planning of a country’ s resources. These enable the growth of the country and the world, as well as healthy residents, which would mean a productive workforce for the country. Background issue Health conditions that are now facing medical practitioners around the world are rapidly changing with the lifestyle changes that have dominated the world in recent years. Through the introduction of technology has affected and changed activities carried out around the world.

The use of technology has resulted in changes in lifestyle s of people around the world irrespective of the region. This widespread use of technology and change in activities undertaken and lifestyle has also had an impact on the health of individuals and the entire world as a whole. Although technology has led to improvements in the health care industry as a whole improving greatly the health of individuals and nations has also led to changes in lifestyles of people that have caused health issues on most of these individuals.

The technological advancement that has been noted in the health industry has led to the discovery of cures of various diseases as well as the detection of others that would have otherwise remained unnoticed leaving the affected individual in suffering  These improvements in Health care around the world with researcher’ s every now and then on the look for new and improved means that would be used in the provision of the best possible health service to people. The impact of technology use also has led to the change in the operation of various people around the world that has led to the change in lifestyles that have had effects on the health of these individuals.

The continued application of technology in society has led to lots of changes in the livelihoods and lifestyles more so the use of electronics like the T. vs laptops, video games, multimedia phones and tablets that are now more than ever available for use society as a whole. These devices have improved the lives of people greatly around the world through the various advantages like the provision of information and knowledge with convenience to lots of people around the world (Pleis et al. , 2008). The use of these devices has led to reducing the physical inactivity of people especially children and teenagers who are the major consumers and users of technology.

This shift has led to lifestyle changes of people around the world, substituting physical activities with technology use as most work can now be effectively carried and completed with the use of technological devices around the world today.

The physical inactivity that has been highly contributed by the use of technology around the world has led to health complication and conditions that are now facing people in various regions around the world that are mainly the results of the lifestyle change that can be noted today through the use of technology around the world.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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