Oracle - a Cloud Database That Make It Easy to Manage Data in an Organization – Term Paper Example

Introduction Currently, databases are vital to every organization, and every business has its data that requires storage. Stored data must be available for retrieval anytime of the day. Businesses are growing everyday meaning that their data are also becoming more and more. The business will have to look for the database to store their data due to increasing number of both structured and unstructured data. The organization will need to set up their database for storage of both structured and unstructured data. However, database requires huge financial commitments. Businesses will have to incur the cost of hardware maintenance, technicians, upgrading and other relevant costs. It can also be costly for small businesses, cloud databases will, therefore, came as aid for big organizations and small businesses. Oracle is one of the cloud databases that make it easy to manage data in an organization.
Oracle database offers cloud computing service for every business whether it is commercial or industrial business. The database is used by many businesses because it offers many benefits. Here are some of the advantages of oracle;
The business can accesses their data on the web browser without the need of installation of advanced software or hardware. Unlike other databases, oracle database is portable; an organization can transfer its data from oracle database to any other databases. Oracle database is also advantaging to businesses because it is available anytime anywhere ones installed on the cloud. Furthermore, oracle database is easy to use and secure (Mehta).
Oracle has also become useful because it provides what is known as workflow. Here, workflows are applied in data warehousing to postpone the need of heavy duty operation. For example, the results of executing long queries are kept in temporary tables. An organization can look on the small temporary tables for their needs. However, creation of temporary tables is not easy and requires much time. Workflows assist in such case, whereby it is set to start running automatically at night. The administrator will get a notification later via email relating to workflow update or failures (Hogendoorn 13).
Organizations workflows can be easy to execute with Oracle E-Business Suite. The company that provides oracles workflows have a number of businesses suited workflows that are beneficial to business. There are some workflows that are executed by business every day such as hiring or new workers. Such task is done by following a certain flow of action. First, the company creates an advert, review the applicant’s emails, invite applicants, and contact other relevant activities. However, with availability of oracle databases such task mentioned can be automated. Oracle workflows are more stable and provide quite a number of benefits to the organization. Here are some benefits of oracle workflows; tasks can be proceeds automatically. It is easy to make changes because an organization can adapt to it easily. Additionally, tasks performed are transparent because all information can be documented. A user of workflows can be informed of completion of the task or when something fails (Hogendoorn 13).
Importance of Cloud Computing To Oracle
Cloud computing provide convenient access of computing resources over the network. Computer services such as storage, applications, servers and services can be accessed and utilized with fewer management requirements. There are many benefits of cloud to any organization. User can access manage, provide and monitor computing resources without assistance from human administrators. Cloud computing can be delivered over a wide range of network. It also allows users to share a pool of resources across multiple applications (Crimson Consulting Group 5).
With the use of cloud computing, oracle can provide organizations with their resources faster and on time. Cost of cloud can be minimized by the business because oracle releases the cloud administrators that to focus on other jobs. Businesses have had to spend a lot of money on IT related activities. Additionally, businesses need to obtain their structure or unstructured data on time. However, businesses have for many years found it difficult to meet those goals. Oracle is among many companies that provide data to companies on time using cloud computing.
Oracle need to make use of cloud computing because many businesses have adopted cloud computing. As mentioned above, cloud computing reduces the cost of doing business, an organization will need to adopt cloud computing so as to lower costs. Many businesses are doing so and in this cases companies offering cloud computing are taking the opportunity of cloud computing demand. Oracle needs to get more involve in cloud computing to tap into increasing number of customers or companies that requires cloud computing services. Oracle will not be safe if they do not get involved in cloud computing. It is because they are many competitors in the market that can offer the same services. For example, Amazon offers competitive cloud computing services (Clancy).
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