Fundamental Elements of the Liberal Democratic Country – Term Paper Example

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The paper “ Fundamental Elements of the Liberal Democratic Country" is a persuading example of a term paper on social science. Liberal democracy is form governance, the government is of people, by people with its active consent of the majority. Liberal democracy is meant to safeguard the majority against tyranny. In a liberal democracy, decisions are not centralized to the politicians but rather by citizens’ juries. Liberal democracy is a rare practice among many countries in the entire world. There are very few that are real democrats. Among the countries that are ideal states that emulate the illiberal democracy is Russia.

Russia is just democratic structurally as is federal with a constitution and the two chambers Beetham 34. The land of Russia seems to be less democratic practically as the government has often engaged in a violation of the right of the democratic political activists. This was the case with the murder of Anna Politikskayva and Natalia Esternirova who underwent tragic horrific events. Russia was once democratic but the then-president Boris Yeltsin stood and promised a new dawn for Russia that turned out to be the opposite of citizens’ expectations. On the other hand, Britain government is in some ways democratic and undemocratic in other ways.

For instance, it is democratic in its structure that there are three arms of government but then what constitutes its undemocratic side is the bicameralism Beetham 45. The ideal liberal democracy tends to outweigh its illiberal democracy. The state is guided by the constitution that is the fundamental law of the state that bounds everyone to it. Rights of citizens are respected and promoted. In addition, they are made aware of their fundamental rights through the civil education offered to them. Another example of an ideal democratic state in the USA.

The legal rational political leaders who are not autocratic govern the state. Leaders treat matters of the public as expected of any democratic leader, Beetham 48. Political stakeholders are bound to the law of the country and therefore power is not centralized in them but rests among the governed ones who are citizens. Nigeria is among the failed states to exercise democracy. Democracy has never been attempted to be practiced in Nigeria.

In addition, if it once existed then it must be illiberal one. This is due to the tremendous occurrences of various coups that Nigeria had undergone. The military coups have been attempted. They have caused by the failure of the running regimes to exercise and administer legal-rational style of leadership, which is a characteristic of democracy. In Nigeria, most of the leaders have applied patrimonial styles of leadership; they have often treated public matters as their own private affairs. The power rests with them denying the majority their rights and freedom as it should be in practice of democracy. political leaders have acted against the law that governs the state and rose above the law making the state lawlessIn my view, there is still no state in the world that fits the model of liberal democracy.

Those that have tried are not yet fully democratic either in their form of governance or in their government structure. Then I will base my support to the states of the USA and Canada to change their structure and get rid of the bicameral structure.

I propose the USA as a democratic state because the government provides citizens with opportunities to manage their own government, express their views and opinions and make the choice of what is best for them as in democracy provides choice to the preferences of the people, which is the moral obligation of any humankind. Many states are unable to reach the level of an ideal democratic state just because the elected representatives fail to exercise democracy as in they do not advocate for freedom of citizens, their own transparency, Schwarzmantel 35.

They are often characterized by unfair elections which in turn leads to illegitimacy. The USA has made a step forward in democracy as the government that serves to check and balance power and prevent the manipulation of the majority by the few. However, the established democracies face pressure that weakens the democratic foundations since those who have shown their interests attaining the power to influence yet conceal their intentions only to hold political positions and amass wealth for their own good. For any state to call itself an ideal democratic country it needs to have the democratic pillars that include the separation of powers, the rule of law, and the principles of free, fair and openness in elections, Schwarzmantel 29.

All these principles will curb the tyrannical rule to attain extra bureaucracy. Ideal democracy too involves the control of the military to avoid military coups, accountability, and transparency in the government by the elected representatives. The short terms of the government by the USA permits it the advantage to prevent a ruling party from entrenched, patrimonial immutable and caring less with the public.

This is because elections often keep the leaders on their toes with the fear of being voted out of power by the majority. The ideal democracy appeals to the public rather than to the concepts of the coherent policy.

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