Today's Art of Motivating Employees – Term Paper Example

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The paper “Today’s Art of Motivating Employees" is a pathetic variant of a term paper on management. Motivation is a concept which is highly significant in every sphere of human activity. Today’s business world is highly competitive, and to keep employees satisfied, it is necessary for the employers to motivate their staff consistently. According to (Sarvesh, 2013), “The factors that motivate an individual keep changing as one climbs the ladder of age and maturity. And also, the achievement of one goal sets the ball rolling for another one to be achieved. Thus, to be motivated is a constant need”. Comparing to the business world 50 years ago, life has changed and so has the commercial atmosphere.

Employees have become more challenging, and organizations big and small have undergone tremendous changes in half a century. In earlier times, the employees of an organization had less opportunity to cultivate their skills and explore new employment opportunities. However, in the 21st century, the world has become dynamic in all spheres like technology, opportunity, quality of life, and competition. Motivating employees has become a difficult and tedious task for business managers, as it means giving life and soul to an organization. So, business managers face various challenges in motivating employees in current world than 50 years ago. Different challenges faced by managers today pay issues in every business organization, the employees are primarily motivated by remuneration or pay benefits. In this current competitive world of business, the employees are primarily motivated and influenced to perform well with the aid of increased remuneration. The contemporary managers, due to economic recession and competitive market, are many times helpless when it comes to offering better pay and allowance to workers. This stands as a big hurdle in the way of motivating employees, as money is a considerable motivator and can significantly influence employees. Big corporations offer high remuneration and perks to skilled employees in order to retain them, but not all can do the same.

A business manager who is working in an organization that is less profitable has the difficulty of motivating the employees. In such a situation, a manager is helpless and has to comply or move according to the financial situation of the organization. This is a challenge for the managers as the motivation which money can give cannot be replaced by any other element. Money is the aim of a business, and it is also the element which makes the world rolling. Every employee works for money and to satisfy their personal needs, so money is the biggest challenge creating an element in today’s world. Lack of skilled trainers training is an essential process in organizational functioning and without this, the motivational step of employees cannot go further. An organization which has an unskilled training manager is an obstacle to the business. A continuous training program gives way to the essential motivation to perform well in order to achieve the organizational goal and objective. Sometimes, an organization, due to many reasons, may lack good trainers, and this can turn as a big challenge for a business manager. Training is possible only if there is an efficient training professional in an organization, and the absence of one can destabilize a manager. As per (Bobinski, 2005), training is effective only if a learner learns - and that means trainers must know how to convey knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes in ways that people remember what was taught. A manager cannot train an employee like a trainer, and this can be a real obstacle in the current world for employee motivation. Poor upper management An organization, big or small, needs a good chain of authority to bring motivation in an organization. Even though a manager has full conscious in motivating an employee, if they do not get enough support and inspiration from the upper managerial level, it can pose as a challenge.

In an organization, all managers have to work together, and if the higher staff does not plan well about the performance of employees, then managers on the lower level can have problems. In the website, (Friebel, 2001) writes that “In response to this threat, superiors may deliberately recruit unproductive subordinates, or abuse their personnel authority in other ways, in order to protect themselves”. A manager in today’s business world, needs support from all employees, higher or lower, to motivate employees in the right manner. In a real sense, if a managing director or a senior employee of an organization object to a manager in giving better salary or training to an employee, this can hurdle the motivation of an employee. Poor infrastructure if an organization has a poor infrastructure or training facility, then it can hinder the motivational process of an organization. Poor infrastructure means less technical facilities, and this indirectly means poor training which can lessen the motivation in an employee. According to (DS Performance, 2013) “The first step in defining an organization's infrastructure is to articulate the organization's goal and result. “An elaborate infrastructure for training could motivate a manager as well as an employee in an equal manner. Nowadays, every organization may not have good infrastructure to motivate an employee, and this can be a challenge to employees.

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