Mobile Apps and Applications: Emerging Technology – Term Paper Example

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The paper "Mobile Apps and Applications: Emerging Technology" is a good example of a term paper on information technology.   Mobile apps and applications as an emerging technology are the central ideas of this management report. This detailed report draws attention to the mobile apps and how this amazing emerging technology has come over a great distance. This report discusses mobile apps and applications as a new trend. Also how this emerging technology affects our society. It has a detailed analysis of the benefits that individuals of society generate. The basic and important benefit that is generated through mobile apps is that they have played a vital role in providing communication with minimum expenditure.

Furthermore, this report explains the effects of mobile apps on society from an ethical perspective. Facts and figures are stated that support the main concept of mobile apps as an emerging technology. Analysis has been drawn that can depict that mobile apps and applications are applicable in all fields of life. The use of apps is not limited to a certain type of organization. In fact, the usage of smartphones and their application is useful for all kinds of people through working or not.

Facts stated to indicate that people around the world most specifically in America consider it necessary to take smartphones along themselves while going out. Life without these apps seems to be impossible as they have made us so much addicted to the charm and ease of work done in one touch only. Discussion and conclusion are stated at the end of the report along with the bibliography that supported in this management report. Introduction In the modern era of technology, people prefer comfort through new emerging trends.

With the advancement in other emerging technologies, mobile apps and applications are also getting revolutionized. Smartphones are getting dominant in developed countries all around the globe. Daily people earn thousands through mobile apps and applications directly and also indirectly. New platforms are created for individuals through these applications to performs many activities that are healthy and informative. Mobile apps and applications are not only a mode of communications worldwide but also a new trend set in order to perform many activities on mobile phones or more preferably say smartphones.

These apps are a source of ease for people that can be accessed anywhere been online as well as offline. With the passage of time, the world is turning into a global village. New and new technologies are around us today. These technologies have brought a massive change in our lives. New technologies are been introduced for the ease of humans. Revolution has occurred to a great extinct that even man is shocked by his own creation. What is present today and seems excellent technology to us will be replaced with new and better things after a couple of years.

The term emerging technology refers to the new or already developed technology. An emerging technology (ET) is today used to a great extent in explaining new technology created for the benefit of mankind. Emerging technology may have certain characteristics. These characteristics are uncertainty, network effect, unseen social and ethical concerns, cost, limitation to particular countries, and a lack of investigation and research.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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