How Teaching Strategies and Skills Could Assist Instructors to Be Effective in Their Profession – Term Paper Example

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The paper "How Teaching Strategies and Skills Could Assist Instructors to Be Effective in Their Profession" is a great example of term paper on education. In today’ s world, there are many advantages if you can speak English fluently. First of all-knowing English helps us to meet and converse with people from different cultures and backgrounds. English is one of the widely used languages in the world. Even if you meet any Japanese or German citizens, it is possible to communicate with them in English. Another most important thing is that about 90% of the information available on the Internet is in English.

It is in fact a noticeable thing (Mullen, Carol A. 1997). An individual person who cannot use English is at a disadvantage in this computer era. The dominance of English on the Internet needs no pieces of evidence as we can see that computers are in any way English language-based. Netscape and Java are written in English, the language of calculations and of the Internet is irresistibly English, and most of the texts that are accessed through it are in English and what more?

Even the search engines are in English and are situated in the United States, which is an important study tool for many students worldwide. The reasons for the prominence of English are mainly historical. The internet was found in the United States of America where the main language is English. America is still in the lead position of usage of internet. The rules of the Internet are written in ASCII script, and even in this point of time texts transmitted unchanged from (for instance) Francophone keyboards may create junk on English-oriented keyboards.

This fact alone might be enough for everyone to be aware of the importance of English. Several popular jobs depend on English up to a certain level. Computer engineers, IT specialists, business managers, and even if we take the case of people in the music industry they have one thing in common: they need English at work (Skutnabb-kangas, 1981). Therefore, in this context, this study primarily aims at a detailed comparison between English only classrooms and ESL classrooms integrated with native language. It also aims at examining how effective it can be for a classroom if the learner’ s native language is some other language other than English in the scenario that the faculty and students speak the same language (say French) and also in the case where teacher and individual students share different languages.

English language proficiency is one of the main study areas in all universities worldwide and in fact an important skill in today’ s high profile job world. A huge percentage of the population now converse in English as a second language than take it as a first.

It is even expected that nearly half of the world population will be communicating in English by 2015 (Mullen, Carol A. 1997). Another very prominent factor is that although English speaking is becoming a trendy language skill, very similar to studying a computer language, the students who study it are in fact only interested in how the language can give their career goals a strong backing (Skutnabb-kangas, 1981).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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