Career Counsellor for Troubled Youth – Term Paper Example

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The paper "Career Counsellor for Troubled Youth" is an excellent example of a term paper on professional. Young individuals usually have an unclear understanding of career counselling phenomenon. However, it is the most common term of this century. Career counselling is an emerging need that seeks professionals` attention. The need for youth development and counselling is intense because youngsters are puzzled today, they are highly confused about their chosen educational fields and the professional ground in which they want to build their career. The attitude of troubled youngsters shows their internal hopelessness and various doubts regarding the future.

This paper aims to highlight the role of career counsellors in guiding troubled individuals, who wanted to work as career counsellors in future.     As the need for counselling in emerging, the need for counsellors is also increasing simultaneously. The official procedure of counselling involves a set of different beneficial activities. All activities focus to provide guidance and cognitive development to confused young individuals (Raufi and Campbell). Career counsellors have to be experts in persuading people and make up their mind for what suits them the most.

Counsellors have to deal with a variety of people directly thus, their job includes issues that are confidential and sensitive in nature (Raufi and Campbell). Process of becoming a counsellor is crucial like other professional fields and it needs appropriate guidance of experienced professionals, who could dedicatedly help new youngsters in order, to officially replace them in an effective way (Solis and Hall). Experienced professionals and highly qualified practitioners have pinpointed some attributes, which should be compulsorily be possessed by those potential young individuals, who intend to build up their career in the field of counselling (Solis and Hall).     Some of the most prominent qualities of a good counsellor include good communication skills verbal and written both, a young candidate should be active in listening and speaking and should have ability to quickly satisfy the customer with relevant answers and solutions (Solis and Hall).

Additionally, it is important to deal with the variety of clients effectively through instant, personality analysis and understand their core objectives or dreams related to career. Moreover, it is highly important to have a good judgemental sense to insight various conditions from different perceptions and not only a sense of judging situation, but they are also needed to be aware of customers` beliefs, notions and fields of interest.

It is considered important because without understanding clients` interests and affordability, no one can recommend or convince them for any professional or educational field (Coetzee and Jacobs).   Situation and interest analysis facilitate a counsellor to guide, assist and help the customer in a more professional and efficient manner. Additionally, willing young individuals are required to be trained by experienced practitioners, who could effectively guide them about the fundamental needs of the profession and assist them to learn emotional maturity (Coetzee and Jacobs).

It is a sense of handling emotional conditions and the art of keeping a considerable distance from customers` emotional issues. Furthermore, fresh counsellors should learn the art of offering possible solutions to clients with respect to their situational issues and requirements. A counsellor should be fully aware of ethical issues and a way of being responsible for confidential information that a customer has shared (Raufi and Campbell).

Counselling process of persuading a candidate towards counselling profession is a tough task because it requires expertise and efficiency to convince qualified young individuals to come and join in the team for counselling others for their careers (Coetzee and Jacobs). As the first place, this process includes the utilization of strategic tools to alter cognition and influence behavioural characteristics of the non-professional fresh and troubled individuals. Moreover, as this field is vast and it involves various kinds of work settings (Raufi and Campbell).

Thus, willing individuals should be provided with all available fields and opportunities offered by the career counselling organizations. Most important occupational groups include social workers and financial advisors. However, they work in different types of work settings such as education, health, business, private activities and government. Provision of sufficient knowledge about diversified opportunities attracts many young individuals to come and work in their desired sector of counselling (Solis and Hall). Since, wages, incentive issues and qualification requirements vary from field to field. Thus, willing candidates are requested to conduct research on their own in order to find out the best possible opportunity for themselves in the career counselling organizations (Coetzee and Jacobs).

As far as other opportunities, benefits and reputable position in the society are concerned experienced practitioners can help them understand all the pros and cons of joining counselling as a professional career (Coetzee and Jacobs). In short, it could be understood that career counselling is a good field with great scope and it needs potential individuals to help and guide other troubled individuals, who seek help from expert professionals and rely on their suggestions to choose a best professional field for themselves.

Additionally, persuading fresh individuals towards counselling professions also need talent and expertise in the field in order to convince troubled students in an efficient manner.      

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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