Foreign Policy of Azerbaijan Republic – Term Paper Example

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The paper "Foreign Policy of Azerbaijan Republic' is a great example of a term paper on politics. The Azerbaijan Republic is an adjoining coast-to-coast presidential republic located in the region of Caucasus, positioned at the Western Asia and Eastern Europe crossroads. Azerbaijan is boarded in the south by Iran, west by Armenia, northwest by Georgia, north by Russia and on the east by the Caspian Sea. The Azerbaijan Republic is a member of thirty-two regional and international organizations. Some of the most important and popular organization where Azerbaijan is a member include the United Nations, European Council, CIS, CSCE, European Union, Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation, World Bank, UNICEF, UNESCO, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, Organization of Islamic Conference, and International Olympic Committee among others.

The Azerbaijan foreign policy conceptual basis aims at strengthening and preserving territorial integrity and national independence, create equally beneficiary associations, and create friendly connections with all nations in the globe. Among the past tendencies are the associations with Eurasian neighbours that include CIS nations, bordering nations, traditional European partners of trade, and the leading global nations, Security Council members, Turkic world and Islamic nations (Office of the President 1). The best part of Azerbaijan diplomatic effort is centred on the search for the manner in which Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict can be regulated.

According to Office of the President (2), the UN Security Council approved four resolutions demanding return and release of all refugees to the locations of their settlements on the Azerbaijan territories which are still under occupation of Armenia. The 39th UN Commission session on women approved the resolution advocating for the release of all female hostage captured in armed conflict.

The Azerbaijan foreign policy has been applied in different situations to enhance peace and to ensure unity among Azerbaijan and other nations in the world. However, the implementation of Azerbaijan Republic foreign policy is faced by a number of challenges as a result of its strategic position, surrounding conflicts, neighbours and wealth in resources (Office of the President 2). This paper focuses on discussing Azerbaijan foreign policy and some of the challenges and measures the country had to take to ensure it fulfils its foreign policy goals.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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