Characteristics of Paragraph – Term Paper Example

The paper "Characteristics of Paragraph" is an outstanding example of a term paper on English. According to Brandon, a paragraph is an assortment of unified sentences describing an idea. In any article, paragraphs present different ideas that collectively tell the story. The adequate presentation of a paragraph is achieved with narratives, descriptive or illustrative statements. A vivid explanation of a process together with illustrations is vital in writing an effective paragraph. In order to adequately present the idea, a paragraph should contain certain crucial details. These details include comparisons, indicating disparity, statistical statements, and reference to graphs. A statement of comparison shows the relationship between an introduced idea and well known idea. This enables swift comprehension of the topic of discussion. Use of contrast in a paragraph shows the discrepancy amid two closely related ideas. It offers the writer an avenue to paint a vibrant depiction amongst the readers. This increases interest in the article. Use of statistical statements is also extremely vital. It not only adds onto the details presented but also helps authenticate the idea presented in paragraph (Brandon, 2008). Statistical information is statements presented as ratios or percentages of an already published data. Referring to graphs also helps cement the authenticity of the presented idea. The imagery in graphs helps the reader to have a clearer picture of the written idea. There are five characteristics of a good paragraph; these are a topic sentence, adequate development, length of paragraph, unity, and coherence (Brandon, 2008). The topic sentence denotes the focus of a paragraph. It indicates to readers’ aspects to anticipate in a paragraph as they read on. For an adequate presentation of ideas in a paragraph, the topic sentence should be the anchoring sentence of a paragraph. It summarizes the idea discussed in the paragraph. Secondly, a sufficient development of the introduced topic is necessary. Depending on the topic at hand, the topic development can be one or numerous sentences. In order to advance the topic, Illustrations and examples, cited information, testimonies, and an anecdote are used. Paragraph unity implies that all sentences in a paragraph ought to relate unswervingly to the topic sentence (Brandon, 2008). All the sentences in the paragraph must have a central focal point which is the topic sentence. Each sentence should relate to the next sentence, and all the sentences must relate to the introductory sentence. The sentences following the topic sentence offers extra support to the main idea (Brandon, 2008). In order to realize Paragraph rationality, the writer must guarantee clarity in the relationship between the sentences. Coherence makes paragraph easily comprehensible. In this way, persons unaware of the topic sentences can follow the story with ease. In order to achieve this, the writer should follow a sensible pattern in arranging sentences.