The Effect of Smoking on Individual Well-Being - a Propensity Score Matching Analysis – Term Paper Example

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The paper "The Effect of Smoking on Individual Well-Being - a Propensity Score Matching Analysis" is a pathetic example of a term paper on health sciences & medicine. Though always considered as fatal and vehemently injurious to health, tobacco consumption and smoking has been a popular cultural trait that is in vogue in every society of the world. People consume tobacco through cigarettes, cigars and other instruments, which makes them addicted to some specific brand and flavor for the future years to come. Often started as a hobby, it becomes very hard to get rid of the smoking habit for the consumers. Additionally, the individuals also smoke to hide their worries under the thick clouds of the smolder create during consuming of the cigarettes. Hence, smoking is generally popular among the young generation, students, unemployed, divorced wives, businessmen, lonely elderly and the adolescents belonging to broken homes or lower stratum of society. It is widely known that smokers tend to feel less satisfied than non-smokers with their jobs and life more generally. However, it is not easy to establish a causal relationship between smoking and individual well-being, because of shared associations with socioeconomic or demographic factors. (Oshio & Kobayashi, 2010)

An overwhelming majority of the non-smokers strongly believe in the bitter reality that smoking adversely tells upon the health of the consumers, as it may destroy the lungs and throat, and seriously hurts heart, liver and stomach and reproduction system. The latest researches show that smoking is sure to invite cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and disturbs the respiratory system of the body of the smoker. It also weakens and sometimes decreases the quality and quantity of male semen; consequently, the probabilities of reproducing the young ones increase to a great extent. Moreover, smoking also causes the weakening of teeth and multiplies the chances of oral cancer. The performance level also observes significant setback, and smoker gets exhausted and fatigued after working for few hours only. Furthermore, sexual activity and performance also witness an imperative decline, where the smoker becomes unable to satisfy his sex-partner subsequently. Since smoking also challenges the overall immunity level and efficiency of the body, diseases are likely to attack it and make it frail and fragile subsequently. Additionally, man becomes so addicted to smoking that he becomes entirely dependent on taking tobacco for the digestion of food on the one hand, and for the floating of ideas and brainstorming on the other. As a result, man reduces from a normal person to drug addict, and mental and physical faculties observe serious setback by ruining his personal and professional life.   

Somehow, it is merely one side of the picture, where the second side maintains some bright characteristics too. Although smoking leaves terrible effects on the mental and physical health of the consumers and makes them it's dependent and reliant, yet smoking turns out to be highly supportive in respect of brainstorming of ideas and floating of new and novel imagination necessary for the creativity and innovation. It is, therefore, a large proportion of intellectuals, scientists, poets, writers, artists, and politicians consists of smokers. The thick clouds of smoke create such a magnificent panorama of delusion that man remains captivated in the chain of superb imagination, which takes him in such a valley where there are peace and tranquility, chirping of birds, swaying leaves, dancing flowers, running brooks, flowing fountains, sky-scraping mountains, deep vales, shadowy dales and much more to fascinate the mental faculties and soothing of the imaginative ideas all around him. The entire phenomenon proves beneficial and vital in respect of producing something unique and matchless.

Nevertheless, all the above-described account serves as ere delusion of eye and hallucination of ideas, where the practicality seldom makes space to exercise its qualities of head and heart. On the other hand, smoking is really harmful not only for the consumer of tobacco products but also puts the lives of all the people living in the same environment into grave jeopardy. The parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends, and colleagues of the smokers are passive smokers, who have to inhale a sufficient amount of smoke while attending the company of smoker. Besides, smoking also wide opens new avenues of addiction for consumers, as the tobacco addicts may become a drug addict and chemical-dependent too for the future years to come. In addition, because of weakening all the body organs, smoking causes early and premature deaths of the consumers. Smoke also destroys the healthy environment and turns the atmosphere sick and ailing. Tuberculosis, lungs and oral cancer and other fatal diseases are very common among smokers. It is, therefore, the medical experts and environmentalists lay stress upon giving up of smoking for the best interest of the entire social establishment at large. 

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