Designing and Assembling of a Computer – Term Paper Example

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The paper "Designing and Assembling of a Compute" is a delightful example of a term paper on technology. Product design is the process that entails the creation of new products to be sold to customers in the market. It is concerned with the efficiency and effective generation and development of ideas through creation of new products. Specialists in this field are known as product designers who conceptualize, evaluate, and implement ideas by making tangible products in a systematic way. They play a role in combining art, technology, and science to create various three-dimensional goods.

Their roles have been facilitated by the new digital tools which enhance communication, analysis, and visualization of ideas. This were tools that were absent in the previous year design implementation processes (Mark, 2009). Planning and designingThis is like any other endeavor, where the initial step is planning. Proper planning prevents confusion in the middle of the assembling process. There are key factors that need considerations when designing a personal computer (PC). Below are some of the key factors: 1) CostIt is very important to be economic in the activities we do in life.

A budget should be in the fore point in any undertaking; this is to prevent planning to use items that are not affordable. Therefore, decide how much you can afford in the overall project, later comparison between what one can afford should be carried out. After all, about the budget is over, a decision should be ruled in relation to the budget. 2) Intended useThe purpose of designing and assembling the machine should follow. This is because a computer used in an office is different from that one used to surf the internet and that one used for home entertainment.

This is because these computers are exposed to different levels of risks. Another reason bringing about the difference between the two is the processor speed. Computers in these three working environments are exposed to different threats as far as security and viruses are concerned. The project should aim at using processors that are next to the closest version because of cost and objectivity (Mark, 2009). 3) Life spanThis refers to the duration that the product is intended to last.

It is obvious that everyone would go for durable products to avoid frequent repair which ends up being expensive in the long run. Products used in this project should aim at coming up with a computer that is above average market products. This can be achieved by using recent items with average minimum requirements. 4) ReputationAfter sketching the design of the new computer, a comparison with other reviews, message boards, and newsgroups should be considered. 5) Operating systemEvaluations should be made on which operating system works best for the computer.

Non-Microsoft operating systems such as Linux, BSD, among others should b chosen carefully. Personal preferences should also be considered in selecting other software. 6) OthersImportant issues to be considered are computer kit and compatibility. This is very essential for first time designers; a computer kit entails all compatible tools which have been tested to work efficiently with the computer. LayoutThe most important tools include needle-nose pliers, #2 Phillips-head screwdriver, a leveled workplace, and anti-static working space. Other optional tools are electric tape, nylon or wire ties, flashlights, and spring action grabber (Martin, 2000). Before one begins working on the project, it is important to analyze precaution procedures.

Expensive items such as the processor, the motherboard, and the processor should be handled with care. This is because they are sensitive to mishandling. Any misunderstanding should be confirmed from the user manual to avoid unnecessary breakage (Mark, 2009). In the process of manufacturing a computer, one is not required to produce any of the tools. This is because most of the inclusions in a computer have been patented by different leading companies around the world.

One is just required to design the most suitable casing depending on the choice of the motherboard. The best motherboard to use in this exercise is a product of mercury. This is because of its efficiency in manufacturing the product, thus its reliability. Below is an illustration of the motherboard. (Martin, 2000)CPU from Intel Inc. should be used as well this is to ensure that the product will meet the minimum needs of any of computer working environments. A paste should be applied to ensure that heat is fairly conducted to the CPU fun the fun positioned at the top of the CPU facilities cooling.

Below is an ideal diagram of a CPU from Intel Inc. (Martin, 2000)Memory slots should be feted with Ram of over one gigabyte. This is to increase the efficiency of the machine as well as making it compatible with recent Microsoft products. It is also the best to use with dual channels. To achieve the one gigabyte, one may fixe a 512 Ram in one expansion slot and another of the same in the other slot (Mark, 2009). Recent motherboard from Mercury has inbuilt video adapter card.

In case one is using a motherboard without one, fix the AGP video card in the AGP socket. The positions of jumpers should be looked into. At the time, one may have more than one hard disk, for the computer to select which hard disk to use in the booting process, jumpers are positioned whereby one will act as a slave and the other as the master. Appropriate software should be installed later long in reference to the specifications of the machine (Martin, 2000).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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