Comparative Analysis of Media in France and the United Kingdom – Term Paper Example

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The paper "Comparative Analysis of Media in France and the United Kingdom" is a perfect example of a term paper on media.   1.0 Abstract This research is divided into part one and part two. Part one includes the abstract which summarizes or gives the road map of the research, an introduction that discusses the main features of the research and the purpose of this paper. There is also the regulatory part of these two countries. Part two categorically has two sections. Section one evaluates the newspaper industry in France by focusing on the various Newspapers media in France, their market potential, the number of people who read these newspapers on a daily basis with a graphical analysis of these statistics.

Section two, discusses in a similar way, the newspaper industry in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. There is a conclusion, summarizing the major findings of the report and bibliography which acknowledges the source of this information. What is so important is that the newspapers serve a similar purpose of educating, informing, entertaining, and creating jobs for the flora of the respective communities in France and the United Kingdom.

However, the researcher acknowledges that the cultural dynamics from both countries make the daily use of newspapers differ from that perspective and in politics although they agree on the international media standards and regulations pertaining to European Union. 2.0 Introduction The media is the mouthpiece of each and every sector of a country. In the global village, media companies or organizations play a significant role in disseminating information that impacts the political, economic as well as social set up of societies. The organization structure, information wrote and communication differs from one country to another.

This is because society's evolution, norms, values, and cultural beliefs which form the basis of media marketing and business are far different from one community to another. Media groups write on what is evolving in society to educate, inform, entertain, and create jobs for the people. Newspapers are daily publications disseminating news, events, advertisements, attractive features of a particular country among other things. They appear on printed papers called the newspaper print. Newspapers publish local, national, and international news ranging from all schools of thought like politics, law, entertainment, sociology and personality, trade and commerce, sports, and sciences.

In most traditional papers, there is the editorial part where the editor writes his or her message and the column for the opinion of other writers. In Europe, there is a number of newspapers across the whole region which among others include the Balkan insight, “ Brussels news journal” , business review journal, European union banking news network- providing latest news and information on the European banking sector, “ Eurasia daily monitor” which presents the latest information in Eurasia.

There is also the Eurofora- specializing in European Union news especially on the pressing issues of European citizens like the strength of the euro in the global market. The other newspapers include the “ Euro press room” focusing on European news of integration, Europe today which covers news in Europe and international media environment as well as interviews from European observers. The Europa survey is a magazine informing, entertaining, educating, and creating jobs for the people in Europe and across the transatlantic canal. The European voice is a newspaper from Brussels and does similar work.

The Eurozine is dedicated to publishing journals from the cultural standpoint in a variety of languages. The other is the state newspaper which monitors the affairs of the European Union and the civil individual liberties and privileges. These are among the many newspapers across Europe. However, the purpose of this research paper is to evaluate the newspaper media in France and the United Kingdom especially the areas of Great Britain such as Wales, Scotland, and Ireland but also in England. These two courtiers have been chosen because they have a well-defined newspaper industry but also differ in terms of coverage and contents on the news disseminated every day.

The research did so specifically to determine the differences between these two countries and the fact that they all located in Europe


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