Main Counter-Terrorism Strategies to Implement for Law Enforcement Agencies – Term Paper Example

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The paper “ Main Counter-Terrorism Strategies to Implement for Law Enforcement Agencies" is a brilliant example of a term paper on the military. While there are several implications for counter-terrorism strategy which can be gathered from the training manual produced by Al Qaeda, three strategies seem the easiest to implement with high strategic returns for law enforcement agencies. First and most importantly, the manual can let security officers know of plans which have not been executed as of yet and it can let them know about targets which may be attacked by terrorist groups and terrorist cells in the future.

Second, the manual allows security personnel to see what methods are used by Al Qaeda to recruit and retain individuals within their cells and counter indoctrination methods can be devised to break individuals away from these cells. Finally, the manual shows that the war being waged by terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda is indeed an unconventional war which may require unconventional methods on the part of security officers to ensure victory. To better understand these implications it would be best to discuss them individually.

The first implication gives us a clear understanding that there are specific targets which are high-security risks for the western world, therefore, protection of these strategic points has to be improved. Of course, it would be impossible to make things completely secure without denying many individuals rightful access to high-security locations, but as we have found out from the attacks of 9/11, the methods used by terrorists may be unstoppable altogether. For example, if terrorists can use hijacked airplanes to attack buildings on the land, it is also possible for them to use small submarines to carry out an attack on a seaport or a capital ship of the navy.

Thus security personnel has to think like terrorists when they are devising plans to make a target secure and consider alternative means in which the target could be attacked. In this respect, the Al Qaeda training manual can be quite beneficial since it shows how terrorists have been trained to think. A terrorist who is a suicide bomber is certainly indoctrinated to give up life for a misguided cause and that indoctrination would be difficult to counter without knowing something about the religious guidelines that can be misconstrued to push a person into the killing.

When interrogating a suspect or a terrorist who has been caught, security officers who are familiar with the more positive side of Islam would be better equipped to talk to a terrorist on his/her own terms and make them understand that what they are doing is against the dictates of their own religion. Therefore, Knowing about Islam and how Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace could be a very vital point for security officers during interviews and interrogation sessions.

While it may not be possible to engage them in a theological discussion about the relative merits of peace and war with regard to religion, it can certainly help in shaking their resolve and seeing the interrogator as someone who is aware of the beauty of Islam. While this may not clear up years of hatred, it could allow the terrorist to see reason and give information which leads to saving lives and foiling attack plans.

Finally, it must be understood that the war on terror and the war being waged by terrorists against western interests is an unconventional war where the enemy is hidden as well as crafty (Sinai, 2003). To fight this unconventional war, unconventional means have to be utilized and even something as simple as looking up which residents has moved into a neighborhood over the past six months and keeping a lookout for new residents in an area can lead to arrests and convictions.

While we must do all we can to protect the rights to privacy and the right to be left alone by the government, the security of the nation depends on security officers having the right information at the right time which can help in preventing more attacks (Sinai, 2003). The enemy we are fighting is determined and is focused on an objective which has been given to them by individuals they respect and admire. A suicide bomber would willingly die for his/her cause and not think twice about killing innocents if s/he has been ordered to do so.

This is a battle which requires that we think in unconventional means and figure out ways to handle our security situation by placing ourselves in the minds of the terrorists which is the only way that we can know what they are thinking.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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