Advantages and Disadvantages of People Living Longer Lives – Term Paper Example

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The paper "Advantages and Disadvantages of People Living Longer Lives" is a good example of a term paper on sociology. Societies with people who stay or live long lives are faced with both advantages and disadvantages. Across the world, a person's longevity has been found to vary depending on several factors like the food they eat, activities they do, their beliefs and many other factors. In the past, it was found that people live longer and their lifestyle was not as complex as the current persona. This has impacted the society both positively and negatively (Holstein et al 2011 pg.

71). It is the positive impacts on society which older people bring that has maintained some practices from being eliminated the tradition of the old values which the current generation does not mind and does not care about them. The old has helped them to learn what was practiced in the past and understand the relevance of maintaining them. These are people with a lot of experience in life and the young generation can learn from them. The inexperienced people have been known to be doing things that they may not understand, when they require any form of help regarding the matter, the older people are there to assist.

The success of young human beings or the current generation hugely depends on doing the right things. When they acquire help and advice to follow from the older, they are destined for success in life. They are more likely to avoid trouble when they take advice from experienced people and live comfortably in society (Plotnik & Kouyoumdjian 2008 pg. 33). In cases where some people disagree on certain things, they help them to solve things amicably without necessarily involving the law. It is found out that in the workplace, most managers prefer older and experienced workers as compared to the young and untried persons.

This brings the much-needed experience and ensures the young people aspiring to reach their heights work extra harder to work with them, making sure that society gets the best from employees (Plotnik & Kouyoumdjian 2008 pg. 33). These people who live longer also bring some disadvantages to society. When they are very old, their productivity goes down and in one or the other, they become a burden to society.

They are unable to do anything and they just wait for what is provided for them. Their contribution significantly diminishes and they wait for them to be provided (Morgan et al 2011 pg. 68). The cost to take care or to maintain older people is much higher, therefore becomes a burden to maintain them. The older people in society tend to fall sick frequently. This cost the society funds to treat them that could have been spent on other development projects, increasing the cost.

Aging people in the society are less fertile and therefore reduces the number of people in the society. This affects the community immensely in terms of labor and other factors (Morgan et al 2011 pg. 68). Women participation in criminal justice This is an activity that has been largely dominated by men over a long time. Recently, women have greatly involved themselves in this criminal justice as they attempt to protect their rights. Initially, they depended on men to defend and protect them, but they realized that they suffered much while depending on them.

They are the major victims of these crimes and their participation is mainly driven by the need to protect themselves (Williams 2004 pg. 6). In the past, most communities regarded girl child education as unnecessary and not important like that of a boy child. This made the women stay in darkness for a long time as they did not understand their rights, and they were used as subordinates for the man (Williams 2004 pg. 6). Their rapid development in education sectors and understanding of their rights has made them be in front to defend themselves from more humiliation and a refusal to be considered a man’ s helper.

They can now help themselves since they understand the rule of law.


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