Unique Celebrity Baby Names – Term Paper Example

The paper "Unique Celebrity Baby Names" is an outstanding example of a term paper on culture. Hollywood celebrities are giving unique and enticing names to their children like Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter), Phinnaeus (Julia Robert’s son), etc. This has created interest in the expectant parents as well as parents of new-born to come up with interesting and positive names, by approaching numerologists. “Many expecting parents are following Hollywood's lead, picking unique names for their babies.” (Carter). This business opportunity was only tapped by Korwitts and led her to develop various services. Her service is entirely customer-driven, as her paid package includes self-help book, online BABYtalk profiles, plus three 30-minute phone personal consultations.
All expectant parents as well as parents who had a new-born recently constitute Korwitts’s target market. However, all the parents may not be interested to spend money to pick up names for their children. Even then, there are sizable groups of parents who may look for paid services to help them in finding a child name, which could include other Celebrities particularly film-stars, other high-income people, socialites, etc. As these people will be able to or willing to spend sizable money, they can be the target market for Korwitts.
Although Korwitts’ business focuses on providing specialized service to specific target groups, there are or will be more competitors to tap those specific groups as well. Korwitts could face threat from the number of websites, who are offering varied, meaningful and apt names for free or at a minimum price. Although Korwitts has her own website, these websites could be a threat. There are other numerologists, who are offering services by publishing self-help books and through personal consultations.