National Reach of Tourist Productions – Statistics Project Example

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The paper "National Reach of Tourist Productions" is a wonderful example of a statistics project on business. A major proportion of the respondents in this questionnaire are females. The research concerns people over 18 years of age and out of the total number of respondents, the maximum belongs to the age-group over 65 and the minimum is aged between 18 and 24. The questionnaire was carried on among various household types with almost no bias towards any particular one; however, the second group is found to be the least questioned category.

The study, however, included those occupied in non-military jobs and even those not engaged in a professional job. In fact, the majority of the respondents are the retired or the unemployed followed marginally by the professional class. In a maximum number of cases, the company's donation amount comprises of 0 to 40 percent of its annual turnover. However, there had only been 4 cases of utter exigencies when donation had been the only or a major part of its annual turnover. Summarizing the overall results of all the 8 different studies being conducted, it is found that love for Shakespeare can act as one of the major motives for the donors followed by the motive for special ticketing options for performances.

However, if the results from the recent study are to be considered, then the best factor could be tax incentives and benefits. The results are evident of the fact that the process of national reach of tourist productions adopted by the company is the best procedure to communicate among all others and the fact could further be strengthened given the high percentage of responses in this case.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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