Motivation to Be Exemplary to the Society – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "Motivation to Be Exemplary to the Society" is a good example of a speech or presentation on sociology. It is my belief that every problem has a solution. I realized this during my prefecture assignment at a high school level. No one should be blamed when in a mistake. We should learn how to relate with others and leaders should know that their main responsibility is to nature-society  (Bradbury, 2000). I was a young guy when I was appointed as a sanitation prefect in my school. My responsibility was to ensure the school compound was kept clean.

While on duty I realized my colleagues behaving strangely during games time and coincidently I discovered that a group of boys was missing. Finally, I learned that they were in the school farm smoking bang. When I confronted them they almost killed me. Later on, we agreed to discuss the problem and I promised to keep the matter from the authorities. Even though they had doubts in me. When we finally discussed the issue, they informed me that they had to take the stuff to gain confidence in approaching the opposite sex and enhance their thinking.

To prove that bang does not work. I gave them examples of those who were capable of doing that without taking the stuff. I pleaded with them to go and try doing it with an attitude that they can  (Bradbury, 2000). Oh yes, one guy approached me very happy for having managed to seduce without the drug. In fact, he succeeded in a mission that he had previously failed while on the drugs. His friends heard this and slowly the group managed to do away with a bang.

Only one guy failed because he was an addict. This made me believe that with efforts nothing is unachievable This motivates me to be exemplary to society. Thank you for listening


Bradbury, H. B. (2000). The structure of an effective public speech. Greenwood Publishing Group.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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