Stuttering Damage Helps Thousands – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "Stuttering Damage Helps Thousands" is a worthy example of a speech on social science. The speech I selected for this assignment was the video from Modern Marvels about a gadget that is supposed to help people who stutter or who are very shy, “ Stuttering Damage (sic) Helps Thousands” . The video demonstrates a headphone-like device that plugs into a machine that looks like an old cassette-player walkman. The basic idea of the device is that it plays back whatever the wearer has said on a time delay so that the person can hear what they’ re really sounding like to other people.

According to the inventor, himself a strong stutterer, this simple act forces the speaker to focus more on what he’ s saying and strive to keep up with his words which has the effect of reducing his stuttering. The device also has a way of setting it to alter the speech it hears to make the person talk more enthusiastically (faster and with a higher pitch) or more authoritatively (slower and more modulated). The entire video consists of the inventor explaining the basics of what the device does as he demonstrates it.

The speech seems to be based on fact because it is apparently working for the user, but it is really just based on opinion. Only the inventor uses the device in the video, so it is unclear if this technique would work for someone else. He doesn’ t explain how he doesn’ t get confused by the replay of his words or how this actually helps him overcome his stuttering. Although he says he’ s been through all different kinds of therapy to help him overcome his stuttering, no scientific evidence is ever presented to explain the reason people stutter, why this particular technique might be helpful or verifying that this device really does help.

More importantly, the device is never demonstrated with anyone else listening or attempting to use the device. Even the settings that encourage the user to sound more enthusiastic or confident are based on a subjective interpretation of what makes a person come across this way.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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