Go Green - to Make London More like a Jungle – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "Go Green - to Make London More like a Jungle" is a pathetic example of a speech on environmental studies. We who are passionate about the environment should lead by example. We must contribute our best to make London a green city. We must uphold this cause thereby making the place more colorful and joyful. ‘ Go green’ should be the motto of your life in London. The city of London is blessed with several beautiful green churchyards, numerous gardens, rich plazas, parks, and green lands. These places overflow with shrubs, green plants, flowers and different varieties of wildlife.

These green locations are the pride of the city. These areas alone give the city population temporary relief from the bustle of the city life. Expanding this to more areas, making London more like a jungle, would be an intelligent plan as green earth can only support our rising population in the modern world. Gardens are open for the enjoyment of the public. People are emotionally nourished by the peace, serenity, and greenery they find in the green locations (Graham et al.

1992). Green open space, grasslands and gardens are the most precious wealth of the city (Simpson 1998). These pockets of green lands support wildlife. There have been different plans to preserve and improve the wildlife resources in the city. Green pockets can serve as good habitats for wildlife. Living in the city of London is like living in the most beautiful garden in the world. It is more or less like a jungle garden that has green corners in all areas of the city. Almost in every turn, we can find a piece of green land that has been intended for the people to enjoy.

Like any other big city, London seldom has space so that houses can maintain individual gardens. Many homes do not have a garden. They have no place to sit outside their house and enjoy the beautiful weather. People can, therefore, enjoy the environment and weather by strolling along with green gardens of the city. Enjoying the greenery of the city would be a great experience for people. Living in London does not mean living in a tiny apartment in a busy polluted unfriendly city.

Living in London will help you enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You can enjoy the favorable weather and the rich greenery of the city. London is more or less a green jungle that would refresh the heart and soul of every visitor. Parks like Hyde Park add to the beauty of the city. Parks like Hyde Park attract millions of people throughout the year. Parks are great places to relax and enjoy the scenery and sunshine.

Parks of London give visitors the sensation of the countryside. They feel they are crossing a beautiful jungle in the countryside. London is a city that is filled with trees and plantation. Trees provide multiple benefits to the city (Heisler, 1986). Hyde Park alone has hundreds of shady areas where visitors can enjoy a picnic or just spend some leisure time. People can spend their lunchtime there in the middle of their busy daily schedule. This would relax their mind and body. Horse riding is more exciting in the areas.

Hyde Parks and other parks enhance the greenery of the city. More parks like Hyde park would make the city heaven on earth. London is the most splendid and charming city with its greenery and beautiful English country gardens. It is a popular tourist destination. More parks and greenery would also enable healthy living in the city. More trees, shrubs and other vegetation would make the city beautiful as a jungle. This would also improve the life of the inhabitants of the city. A green environment gives multiple physical and emotional health benefits to human beings (Souch and Souch, 1993).

It promotes an eco-friendly environment (Souch and Souch, 1993). Moreover, a jungle-like environment would support varieties of fauna. The city can, therefore, enable the coexistence of human beings and animals. This would alter the life of human beings and the welfare of nature and ecosystem (Smith 1990). London can be a model for this type of environment. London is a green city with lots of lush green parks, trees, and animals. Making it more jungle-like would do the trick.

In order to accomplish this goal of making London a model green jungle, each and every resident should play his/her part. Planting more trees, building more parks and behaving in an environment-friendly manner would help people achieve this dream. An environment-friendly city would thrive in the course of time (Souch and Souch, 1993). London can set an example for other cities that destroy and pollute the content in many different ways. Big cooperation from the residents and authorities would make the city a wonderful place to live.

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