Travel Agency Proposal – Speech or Presentation Example

The paper "Travel Agency Proposal" is a brilliant example of a speech or presentation on tourism. Allow me to bring to your attention that my travel agency, Blast Tour offers tour and travel services to body corporates and individuals. Among the services that Blast Tour offers include, travel consultation whereby the organization has managed to offer consultation services to individuals and corporations regarding their tour destinations. In addition, the company offers pre-arranged tours within the country to corporates and individuals. Beyond these services, Blast Tour offers packages to its clients that include custom packages. These custom packages include reservations for rental cars, lodging services, rail passages, and many related services in a package that ensures the safety and comfort of the clients. Indeed, Blast Tour offers tours’ services that distinguish the company from its competitors aligning it as the premier tour specialist in the Kingdom’s tours and travel industry. 

It is essential to draw attention to the state of affairs of the local tour and travel agencies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Presently, only a few operators meet the qualifications for registration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) while tens of agencies do not meet the essential qualifications. In addition, the Kingdom experiences a number of mushrooming agencies that cannot qualify for registration with IATA. The reason I highlighted the state of affairs is to ensure that you understood the quality of services offered by our agency. In this case, Blast Tours years of operation have ensured that the company implemented the requisite conditions that qualify a tour and travel agency for membership. For an organization worth your status, you need an organization that has implemented approaches that were intentionally recognized in order to ensure professionalism and continued efficiency. Therefore, the Blast Tour meets these requirements since the agency's operations meet the international standards required in order for a tour and travel agency to offer quality operations.

The agency appreciates the role of the local people in management, despite the company implementing international standards in its operations. In line with this, the staff members, who are mainly natives of the Kingdom, have managed to offer respectable and successful local companies tour packages that suited their needs. In addition, the agency has managed to extend its services to multinationals that operate in the Kingdom. In this way, the agency has managed to build a strong foundation since it realized that the local staff is best suited to develop travel packages within the Kingdom. Hence, the Blast Tour will ensure that your company will obtain a tour and travel package suited to your needs and requirements.

We realize that an organization of your magnitude would like to tour and travel foreign nations. Hence, our agency has laid down the essential structures that will meet the needs of their clients regardless of their tour destination. Hence, Blast Tour manages the booking of clients’ flight tickets, hotels, cruises, and secures their visas to their desired destinations. In this case, we believe in ensuring that the client was comfortable, and their travel was organized.
After extolling all the services offered by our agency, I believe that you will provide Blast Tour the opportunity to meet your tour needs and enjoy these services.
Thank you.

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