New Years Eve Address at Omnia Restaurant – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "New Years Eve Address at Omnia Restaurant" is a perfect example of a speech or presentation on sociology.     As the manager of Omnia, I am very happy that through our cooperation, we have reached the end of the year. Our success as Omnia community could not have been achieved were it not for the dedication of all stakeholders. First, I would like to thank the guests for their loyalty. After providing our guests with first-class services throughout the year, they, in turn, became loyal to us. As a community that valued our customer, we met with consumers who gave us some ideas on how to provide the services and amazingly their ideas worked.

Other visitors provided us with gifts for example; the communication system I am using was donated by one of the guests sitting in the front row. I do not know what I could have used today if it was not for that help from our guest. I would like to thank the managers of the Omnia who have been providing support in time of difficult starting with the managing directors Philippe D.

Clarinval, Isabelle Schenk who is the deputy director, Stephan Kriegelstein executive chef, Fabienne Gruber restaurant manager and martin Henning the restaurant manager. I cannot forget to congratulate the teams who worked tirelessly to make our guests feel proud. The dedicated teams played a great role in Omnia since they provide our guests with high-class services and being committed in their work.   Being the manager of Omnia I have seen quite a number of our staff having passion for this job of serving our guests and thus the guest feels important being served by us.

This is because as we employ our staff, we base their qualification on how they love this tourism sector that is concerned with hospitality. Due to good environment which we worked in, we were able to interrelate with the top management which insisted that they are not the one who has employed us but we are employed by our guests. This gives us love and passion to provide them with a red carpet treatment since at the end of the day; it is all of us who we are going to benefit.

Our customers have remained loyal to Omnia. Due to the online booking for our customers that we introduced in the second quarter of the year, we have been able to save time for our guest as well as making timely reservations. These reservations give us the opportunity to intermingle with guests worldwide where we are able to check the date when the guest will arrive, rooms they are going to be allocated and any cancelation that is done.

This gives us the opportunity to welcome our guest since we are aware of the time they are going to come and we make arrangements on what services will be best for them since we have a history for the entire guests who visit Omnia. During the year, George Clooney got married. It was a great pleasure to see that during the year we have made two people to love each other and soon we may see a crawling infant out of the relationship and that is another new guest we expect.

I still witnessed one of our guests who used to come and asked for a delicacy which he had never eaten in his life. The other guests laughed until everyone in the restaurant had to come closer and we shared the laughter together. I wish everyone an enjoyable rest of the dinner. We have provided the most delicious meals for you which have been prepared by our dedicated team. All kind of meals are available and since we have different guests from different ethnicity then all kind of traditional foods are available for you.

I invite you to watch the fireworks on the Terrasse which will be one entertainment hall. The high-quality machines and modern one in terms of technology are the one in the entertainment hall and thus those with their children you have a place you can call home. All these facilities are there for our guests since after working there is a need to rest. We refresh your mind in Omnia with all kind of services and entertainments which keeps one mind sober. Lastly, as I finish I would like to invite you to the party in our club which is the biggest club and well managed by our management team with all sort of drinks.

Underage is not going to drink the well-prepared wines but rather a juice which is of a high standard. I wish all of you happy and prosperous New Year, thank you very much.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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