The International Climate Change Campaign – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper “ The International Climate Change Campaign” is a well-turned variant of a presentation on environmental studies. The campaign to be used in this assignment is the one carried out by friends of the earth group, and they referred to it as the international climate change campaign. The group campaign for the most urgent environmental and social issues that are affecting people at present times. They also set put to challenge the current model of corporate globalization and economic globalization and advocate for solutions that will help in creating environmentally sustainable as well as socially just societies (Friends of the Earth 2015b).

Scientists around the globe have given warning related to a planetary emergency that people around the world are facing currently. The impacts of climate change are already being experienced and they may even get worse if no immediate action is taken to avert them. Friends of the Earth are campaigning for a fair deal in global climate, and this means that the rich countries should Cut their emission at faster rates and They should play an active role in helping developing countries to change and start making use of clean energy Based on these countries such as the UK need to cut their emission by about 75% come 2030 but the plans that have been put in place by the government seem to be a long way to realizing the proposed reduction in emissions.

Governments are not working at a fast pace, and people need to unite on national levels, regional levels, and globally with the aim of pressuring the governments to act (Committee on Climate Change 2015). In collaboration with other friends of the earth is running a global climate campaign and the campaign is pushing for: Reduction of carbon emissions based on science and justice Loss and damage mechanism offering redress and compensation to communities and countries that have been affected by loss and damage Increase in EU emission targets Ban of dirty energy projects The offering of compensation to those people who are affected by climate change Development of smart ways to finance green climate Rich countries should also offer technology and finance to the poorer ones to enable them to act and Clean and affordable energy is seen as the solution to energy poverty (Friends of the Earth 2015b). Impacts of climate changeOne of the major effects of climate change is high temperatures.

Heat-trapping gases that are emitted by automobiles, power plants, and deforestation are warming up the globe. The high temperatures are to be blamed for the increased rate of heat-related illnesses, increased intensity of the storms, and rising seas. Climate change has also led to a change in landscapes. The changing patterns of snow and rain and the rising temperatures are forcing people to plant plants and trees in the Polar Regions.

The vegetation shift will weaken the work that has been done by the communities in conserving the environment. As communities try to adjust to the ever-changing climate by relocating to cooler regions, animals that depend on humans will also be forced to move. Despite these, their movement may be barred by the development. Another significant impact of climate change is that it possesses a risk to wildlife (Edwards, Geoffrey, and Clark 2001). The rising temperatures are changing vegetation and weather patterns all over the globe and this at times forces animals to migrate to cooler regions for them to survive.

Despite these, with the rapid nature that climate change is taking place, it is more likely that with time it will exceed species ability to adjust and migrate. As argued by some experts if the trend of climate change continues some animal species will be headed for extinction by the year 2050 (Edwards, Geoffrey and Clark 2001).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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