Effects of Globalization in Qatar – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper “ Effects of Globalization in Qatar" is a dramatic example of a speech or presentation on social science. Globalization is imperative in human life as an essential element for development. Recently, it has completely altered the way in which the world operates. The barriers sometimes faced hindering the ability to communicate or even diminishing the interaction with people across the world. Globalization has surprisingly become ingrained closely in all fields ranging from businesses, social, economical and even in our government among other areas. Over the past few decades, advancement in the information field and technology has posed a profound on the global landscape and the progression of the globalization.

People around the globe currently are more connected than they had ever before. I should indeed define globalization as an economic tidal wave that is sweeping the world towards the unknown destination most probably in Qatar. However, it cannot be stopped easily which implies that there will be winners and losers in the end. The globalization has brought with it several adverse impacts among which are; first, the general complaint concerning this is that it has made the rich more rich while the non-rich have remained or even have been made poorer.

In fact, it has been good only for the managers and investors and has become a hell for the workers and nature in our society. The cultural uniqueness of our country is lost in favor of the so-called “ universal culture” which has heavily drawn from American culture. Due to the increased rate of consumption of products, it has consequently resulted in the ecological cycle. The increased consumption subsequently has caused an increase in the production of goods which in turn have put sort of stress in the environment.

Globalization has also caused an increase in the transportation of the raw materials mainly from one place to another. Before the globalization took roots in Qatar, we used to consume locally grown foods but now, people tend to over depend on the consumption of products that have been developed in foreign countries. The fuels used in the transportation of these products have resulted in an increase in the levels of pollution in the country.

The pollution affects the environment that we live in which in turn affects our health since living in a polluted surrounding with many pollutants, for example, the smoke from the cars as well as the factories definitely will affect our psychological as well as the physiological health. Due to the globalization as well as the industrialization chemicals have been thrown in the soil, which has encouraged the growth of many noxious plants and weeds, the toxic waste results in significant damage to plants that interfere with the genetic make and later the food produced from them have gross side effects on our health.

The growth of the fast-food economy has adversely had an impact on our motherland Qatar. Consequently, the result is the emergence of the two large fast-food industries that is the McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Obesity is known to have a medical condition currently becoming a major issue in our vicinity. This is mainly caused by expansion of the easy intake and availability of fast foods; as a result, many families in our country have been affected progressively as for instance my members of my family have all become overweight with the greatest blame set in the western style of the fast foods as adopted in the process of globalization.

Globalization makes the world open to each other. As a result of a developing country as Qatar become disadvantaged since the growth in international trade exacerbates income inequalities both within and between industrialized as well as the less industrialized countries. In this regard also, the transnational corporations that mainly seek to minimize profits without regards to the development needs of individual countries like Qatar or even the local populations have increasingly dominated global commerce.

In addition, Qatar being a developing country we stand a great risk of losing our culture because of the diversity in the same cities to those foreigners who may take our traditions or even we end up getting the effect by their culture and ways of doing things as a country. As I wind up, allow me to remind you that, globalization has negatively affected our lives such as in the case of fast foods and obesity, erosion of the culture and also the polluted environment that directly affect our health.

Because of all these evidence and others not mentioned above, globalization has many negative impacts on our lives and therefore there is an urgent need for controlling the system of globalization in order to minimize the disadvantages failure to which it would otherwise continually ruin more aspects of our life.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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