Fabscrap's Market Competitive Advantages and the Way to Interact with Its Staff – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "Fabscrap's Market Competitive Advantages and the Way to Interact with Its Staff" is an excellent example of a presentation on business. Fabscrap is an organization that is not motivated by profit which aims at reducing waste from a textile material through recycling. Our staff is an educated trained engaged team unlike those hired by our competitors. We highly appreciate their contribution by treating them with the utmost respect and disclosure. The Company gained trust from employees when it encouraged openness. Communication, for instance, is done through mailing as opposed to lecturing.

A strive for the natural tone in all mass communication with our retail employee is the norm of the company. Among the most important part of our revenue plan is online communication. The company has met a relative target market effort on various men lifestyles preferring our recycled products. This is one of our key objectives which is to ensure that businesses deal with textile materials to recycle their waste and avoid wastage. The company uses ads to enhance communication with the same general tone. Most creative designers have joined the team to help propagate a waste-free environment.

The company recognizes employees great work who have always continued to expand discretionary effort producing exceptional results. The company annual bonus awarded to top-performing employees and treating them as valued team members. The company has set a small measurable goal which indicates progress for work set and motivates employees to work harder (Blaskova, and Trskova). The company has set clear achievable goals which have provided a  real boost of each one is conquered. The company also applauds results which are a section of setting achievable goals.

The company is specific to the applause by pointing our and celebrating individuals contribution. The company has opened up various retail locations in New York City for mobilization and diversity purposes. The organization has various departments which help in carrying out the process. The company uses volunteers to steer up its activities since it has built a good reputation with key stakeholders. The key objective is to avoid wastage in business which deals with textile through encouraging recycling.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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