Powell's Rivers Of Blood Speech – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "Powell's Rivers Of Blood Speech" is a great example of a speech on sociology. The structure is relevant to aspirant immigrants to Britain from the Commonwealth. The structure of the speech makes it easier for these audiences to easily interpret the relevant messages of the speech. By doing so, they are able to quickly become more knowledgeable about immigration legislation biases they encounter and standing up for their rights and themselves to fight for any immigration benefits that should lawfully be given to them. The speech’ s structure of also initially mentioning the nature of the conflicts involving immigration regulations in Britain, then gradually detailing sample conflict situations of such also made the audiences become more aware of the causes of the immigration conflicts they suffer from.

By being more aware of the causes of these conflicts, they would be better equipped in resolving them in the long run. The speech also made a huge impact on potential immigrants to Britain by having the speaker, Enoch Powell, initially mention his observations of the situations of others that involve immigration conflicts in the speech before tackling other issues involving his desires and needs.

This just goes to show the audience that Powell gives priority on the plight of others so much so he proves his fair judgments of the underlying conflicts involving British immigration. Powell’ s quoting of quotes of famous people in the middle of his speech also made his speech gives an extra highlighted appeal which may more likely alert the audience’ s senses when in the middle of reading the speech. Powell’ s description of moving emotions in the middle of his speech also made his audience break their suspense of guessing the next situations and facts that are to be discussed in the speech.

Upon reading the description of these emotions, they already follow-through that great emotions and disappointments are involved in the conflicts surrounding the British immigration legislations. Powell’ s description of the more ravaged feelings of loneliness and hatred after the great emotions and disappointments are narrated in the middle of the speech also gives audiences opportunities to feel the more powerful deep negative emotions felt by immigrants to Britain who are unfairly denied their rightful immigration benefits.

These ravaged feelings seem more real to the audiences when described after the great emotions and disappointments involving immigration conflicts are told as the audiences already had prior knowledge of the ravaged feelings prior to feeling the deep emotions involving them that are felt from reading the speech. Body The audiences of the speech are persuaded to convince to believe that what they interpret as the message of the speech is really what it is. This message they get is Mr. Powell’ s tremendous disapproval of immigration to Britain by foreign nationals.

They are so much so convinced due to certain harsh words Mr. Powell used in his speech such as “ negligible proportions” of the present immigrant inflow, and an “ urgent encouragement of re-emigration” , Speech That Has Raised A Storm (Anon. , 1968). The audience is also convinced that one of the foremost reasons Powell is against immigration is due to the racist attitude he holds. This is evident when he voices out his opinion on the Race Relations Bill as lawfully implementing “ a risk of throwing a match onto gunpowder, ” Speech That Has Raised A Storm (Anon. , 1968).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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