The Drive To Save Paraguayan Indigenous People – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "The Drive To Save Paraguayan Indigenous People" is an outstanding example of a law speech. Paraguay – April 6, 2009 – Professor John Winnipeg in coordination with the Human Rights Association Paraguay will conduct a public forum at Human Rights Association Office – on April 20, 2009, in line with the Human Rights Association’ s Drive to Save the Lives of Paraguayan Indigenous People. Professor John Winnipeg will conduct a public forum on saving Paraguayan Indigenous People which will contain issues on current privileges and security experienced by the Indigenous People in Paraguay.

The forum will start from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Concerned Local Government Unit Officials, Academic Institutions and Paraguayan Indigenous People are all invited and should call. “ I already lobbied the Paraguayan Government but received not much response” , said Mr Winnipeg, a Canadian professor who is an Anthropologist working on Paraguayan Indigenous People. It can be noted that a global clothing retailer Wow had contracted a textile factory in Paraguay to produce many items that appear in its stores in major global shopping centres and commercial districts (especially in Europe, Canada, and the U. S.).

This factory has been using more or less forced labour practices with the small indigenous population. In addition, the pollution from the plant is causing problems with an already sketchy water supply. This is disrupting traditional indigenous lifestyles of hunting and fishing, making indigenous people more and more reliant on work in the factory for sustenance. Moreover, the existing policies toward Indigenous People in Paraguay have not restored land taken from them during colonialism; nor have certain public resources been allotted to them to continue their traditions un-interrupted by market forces.

Legally, in Paraguay they are precarious. The forum can be a perfect venue to gather and exchange information and to establish the next steps to take in securing the lives of Indigenous People. Joining in this two-hour forum can mean a lot to improve the lives of Paraguayan Indigenous People, who are also legal Citizens of Paraguay. DISCUSSION This press release is directed to the Government, Academic Institutions and the Indigenous People. This is to gain information and eventually come up with understanding the security level of the Indigenous people and to eventually do the right thing. This is a pre-event press release so as to emphasize or give much more impact and urgency. This press release talks about cooperation, unity and urgency to take actions amidst the present significant situations. The reason why this is designed like this, it is because this is how the situation needs to be addressed so as to trigger mutual, dynamic understanding and faster solution-making process. The objective of this press release is to gather information, involved consensus participation among Indigenous People and other concerned and to undermine the Government of its social responsibility. Indigenous People should be directly informed by Prof.

Winnipeg in this case since he is directly working for them. However, the use of a telephone can enhance the communication process to effectively convene the concerned parties. The use of slogans can also be an effective means of spreading information. Media broadcasting through internet, radio, television, newspapers and magazines can also be used to capture interest and participation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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