Addressing the Members of The Salvation Army to Start a Residential Facility for the Elders – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper “ Addressing the Members of The Salvation Army to Start a Residential Facility for the Elders”   is a thrilling example of speech on social science. It is a pleasure to talk to you, the members of The Salvation Army, who are doing commendable work for the underprivileged in the society - the support extended to you by the Bundaberg Skills Centre and the Bundaberg City Council, including local sponsors. We are also aware of the benevolent work being done by the Charity in the rehabilitation of the juvenile delinquents, especially the drug, and the alcohol addicts. At the outset, I would like to share my views on what charity means to me.

Charity is not donating something because we do not need it ourselves. Charity is not making someone dependent on our donations. Charity is to give something that is precious to us, something that would hurt us, something that would be of immense help to the other person. Charity is to give of our love, time, and attention to the upliftment of an individual or a community. Charity is to help others to grow into responsible citizens; charity is to make them independent. Our community here consists mainly of the aboriginals, which lacks in formal education.

Dealing with aborigines is by no means an easy task. We have to face many barriers – barriers due to social or cultural background, gender discrimination or rural settings. As such, the need in this community is not merely financial aid but charity in various forms. The native people, while simple at heart, are deprived of love and care. We have to face resistance at every stage but fortunately, our patience and commitment have seen us through the major hurdles.

We, as social workers, deem it fit to first extend a feeling of belongingness to these people. We had to instill confidence in them that we are a part of them. Through our experience, we know that love and attention can work wonders with such people. They respond positively to such emotions and are willing to cooperate for their development. We know your Charity provides emotional and spiritual guidance through positive lifestyle techniques.

These help to improve the self-esteem of these people. A social worker works for society works through society and works in society. We all are in some form or the other, dependent on each other. In our community, social workers take up small assignments and go from one home to the other. We try to spend time with them in their own environment, which has helped immensely to instill a sense of confidence in them about our aims and goals. We collect donations and regularly organize health check-up camps. We especially try to provide corrective nutrition to the infants and the nursing mothers. Being in the Charity, you must be well aware of the rehabilitation necessary with the aboriginals.

Due to the lack of family bonding, adolescents tend to go astray and take to illicit liquor and drugs. This further pushes the community in the dark. One of our main aims is to bring these people out of this dungeon and into the light. I would not just divert their minds for a while and feel comfortable that they are out of this. I would prefer to uproot the disease so that it never attacks them again.

They should be motivated to knowingly give up such killer habits. For this, awareness programs and campaigns are necessary. In fact, even to organize such campaigns, if they are involved, it would double the benefit. We need to highlight the chain effect of such habits, which are a curse to the community.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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