A Concern on the Rising Cost of Healthcare Premiums – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "A Concern on the Rising Cost of Healthcare Premiums" is an excellent example of a speech or presentation on business. “ Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to be granted this grateful opportunity to make clarifications on our plan to charge some workers in this company an additional 10 percent over those ones paid by other workers. Even with the enactments of Congress, the premiums are increasingly becoming more expensive and wide each and every day. Due to this, as a company we thought it wise to have those employees with chronic conditions and illnesses that are considered to be lifestyle-related such as obesity, effects of smoking, excessive alcohol use to pay more than their counterparts who lack.

Distinguished guests, this was arrived at due to the various reasons (Barry, 26).   To start with, we don’ t want to risk the high cost of maintaining these people’ s health alone. The previous premiums they have been paying in the past cannot maintain their conditions completely. If we fail to actualize our plan, we will run into losses. Who amongst you likes profit?

Definitely no one. We, therefore, want to spend the profit we have on profitable activities such as product promotions, company expansion, and capacity building among others. As you all know, most of the companies in the United States such as Walmart are involved in this kind of arrangement and is paying off well. Why should we be left out? Secondly, the world of business today ladies and gentlemen requires brave minds that adjust and fit any changes that come forward. Economically if we focus on spending heavily on employees having lifestyle complications, we will end up running into minimizing our shareholder's income.

With this arrangement, those payments will be used to cover for the expensive medical expensive in the event some of the employees suffer from lifestyle-related complications. It will save our company time and much more resources thus not disrupting our normal running (Barry, 78). In addition, the patients will have access to medical attention and hence get value from their money. Furthermore, this plan is 100% cost-free as stated earlier. It also improves employee health and productivity.

This will come due to most employees quitting their unhealthy lifestyles because of the high premiums. Their health will improve and hence focus on their jobs. This will enhance effectiveness and efficiency thus productivity (Barry, 67). The customer relations and satisfaction from our company is projected to improve. normally, most of our customers are non-drinkers and non-smokers. If they realize that our firm has taken such measures, they will be so grateful and happy to be associated with us thus increasing our customer base. This will also improve our reputation.

Approximately, the US economy suffers a cost of $12 billion a year due to the treatment and maintenance of such kinds of patients. We want to help alleviate this and position our economy in the best global ranking. Our company also wants to go this way to avoid the maintenance and production costs caused by the absenteeism due to illnesses from the patients (Barry, 90). Finally, we are the only company in this state that has come up with such a plan. It will help us achieve national reputation and recognition.

Thank you for your cooperation. ”

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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