Thanks to Students and Teachers for Their Assistance in the Implementation of the Final Year Project – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "Thanks to Students and Teachers for Their Assistance in the  Implementation of the Final Year Project" is a delightful example of a speech on education. A panel  of interviewers, lecturers, and fellow students, Good morning/evening/afternoon. I am pleased to stand before you as I present my final year project, which is a demonstration of the hard work that I have injected in my studies. Throughout my stay in campus and studies, I have interacted with various students and academic staff, who have been instrumental as far as my studies are concerned.

Particularly, my instructors have been very cooperative and inspiring to me and I can confidently affirm I am a better person than when I enrolled for the course. Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge my project coordinator who has been supportive to me up to the completion of the project. In addition, I want to take this rare opportunity to thank all my instructors who played a primary role in shaping my career perspectives through their impeccable professionalism and competence. This is not to forget my fellow students whom I had a nice time interacting and learning together with, similar major as mine.

As I go out, I want to reassure you that I am better placed to face the outside world given my academic qualification and professionalism that I have acquired through various learning processes. Indeed, my academic life in this institution has been a success, perhaps it has exceeded my initial expectations. Let me once again thank everyone who played a role in my final year project because they provided exceptional insight to me in various sections of my project.

May God be with You All and Thank You so much. Possible questions: - What are the practical implications of your project? How is your project relevant to the real world? - What was the nature of your project? What was the research design? - What are the internal and external validities of your project? - Where did you collect your data? Were they credible sources? - How does your project relate to what you have learned in the classroom or what you anticipate to do in the future?

- Is further research needed in the project, If so, where in particular?

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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