War: Is It Justified – Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper "War: Is It Justified" is an exceptional example of a military speech. Dear friends, teachers and fellow survivors, very good morning to you all. “ Everything is fair in love and war” , an expression we used over and again to justify our illegal or unethical actions. Love may be granted the benefit of the doubt in this regard but rest assure, war doesn’ t. This is why I am here, at this podium, delivering this speech, because I differ with the over concept of war and the disaster it tags along with itself.

Many so-called sane people justify war with the rewards it offers; or the freedom of speech brought upon the depressed people of the region that was attacked, I ask, isn’ t it creating horrific memories in the minds of the entire future generation. Painting images in their heads that will never wash away with time and haunt them throughout their lives, leaving them restless and aggressive. INTRODUCTION The greatest debate of modern times: is war justified? I say, let alone the answer to this question, the asking of this question itself is unjustified.

135 men lie buried under a heap of snow in Siachen (BBC, 2012), as I speak. At this very moment, a 135 families stare into dark future without the head of their families who stood ground at the highest battlefield in the world facing the enemy on a standoff which started with the crossfire of some hundred bullets. People call it bravery, I call it madness. Expecting parents in Hiroshima and Nagasaki still pry for the health of their newborn baby. The current generation of parents did not even experience the horrible atomic holocaust in 1945, but still, face the problems related to that drop.

How can even someone in his perfect senses even ask about the eligibility of a certain war? CRITICAL ANALYSIS Preemptive wars have taken this world by storm in the last decade. The mighty United States after finger-pointing their enemies, lands on their homeland along with their latest gadgets and drones. Ten years later, we still find the so dreaded weapons of mass destruction even as when the troops leave.

Will the boys who returned in body bags ever get a justification for their death? War does not only cause destruction to the present but also causes irreparable damage to the soul of the future, however beautiful it would be from the outside, it will always hurt from the inside. So, the question that a layman will ask, “ If the war s like a monster, why are we content on feeding this monster on a daily basis? ” the answer to this question lies in the head of stakeholders to any warfare.

The first and foremost reason will always be financial wealth, it was food in the prehistoric ages, gold in the middle ages and the modern reason to fight is oil, without any doubt as history and stats both prove it. The second and the major portion of the cake lies with the arms dealer or modern mercenaries I would call them, who sell arms to buyers like a vendor selling candies to children. They like war, no I correct myself, and they love it like a blind lover after her Juliet.

They are part of the reason why wars are being considered legit enough to be fought, not caring for the bullets that they make hamper the lives of millions in so many ways. CONCLUSION Before I leave this podium, I would like to leave the audience with a thought that at times does not let me sleep. Why do the stakeholders in this blood business ever ask themselves about the manner they will react if it’ s their own blood relative been harassed and killed in Palestine, Kashmir, Syria, Afghanistan and many other far-flung places hit with armed conflict?

Can this barbarianism ever be justified by a logically thinking mind? My mind does not accept it, so doesn’ t yours. It’ s about time we stand up for the mistakes made by our predecessors and promise ourselves for proving a better world to our future generations, so a Josiane does not stand at a forum and blast questions at our generation for providing their generation war-torn world.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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