A Dream to Become a Doctor – Scholarship Essay Example

The paper "A Dream to Become a Doctor" is an outstanding example of a scholarship essay on English. I am applying for this scholarship after being accepted into a private Catholic College. In this life, dreams are only accomplished with an education. My dream consists of being able to help underprivileged children in my community. I plan on making my dreams come true by becoming a doctor. While my grades are good, my finances are poor. Only with the help of a scholarship will I be able to achieve my goals and dreams. I have good academic standing. My grade point average is a solid 3.4. I have good study habits. While I enjoy studying, I am also very athletic. My academic career has been well rounded. I know how to multitask, juggling academics, sports, and a social life. I also help hold activities at a nursing home. My favorite part of donating my time is the joy I see in others’ faces. Charity work is a big part of my life. If I am awarded this scholarship, I will not waste it. I will continue to work hard. By working hard, I hope to become a doctor. So many people do not have medical insurance, especially children. I want to give back to my community. When I become a doctor, I will not set up a successful practice in the richer part of town. My goal is to donate my time, along with a regular practice for underprivileged and uninsured children. I want to give back to a community that has supported my endeavors. It breaks my heart to think that children go without necessary medical care due to cost. I will not turn away and just ignore the problem. I need help in financing my educational dreams. My goal is to ask for the help like I want people to ask for help when I become able to give my time and money. My determination and tenacity will help me become a doctor with or without a scholarship. It will be much easier with the help of a scholarship.