Discovering a Cure for Cancer – Scholarship Essay Example

The paper "Discovering a Cure for Cancer" is an exceptional example of an educational scholarship essay. Throughout my education I have worked hard to establish good analytical and critical thinking capability; I have further acquired an understanding of my subject of interest by watching documentaries and reading research journals. I have dreamt about this subject of study for years.
Although I feel I have learned a lot so far, I am fully aware that in order to follow my career goals, I still need to expand my perspective and acquire further knowledge in my field. That is why I am applying to X University, a university with a very high reputation. 
What sort of person am I? Friends would describe me as punctual, ethical, and deeply concerned about friends and family. They would also say that I am a curious individual with a love for learning. Ever since I was little, I have loved exploring and learning new things. What I like in particular about my subject of study is that the “exploring” and learning that goes on in the lab can actually help improve people’s lives. That makes me feel good. 
That’s what I would use this degree to do: to help people. I would love to discover a cure for HIV/AIDS or for cancer, for example. This degree would not be about me, it would be about other people. I want to give back to my community.