Emergency Nursing and Educational Goals – Scholarship Essay Example

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The paper "Emergency Nursing and Educational Goals " is a wonderful example of a scholarship  essay on nursing. Serving the public has always been part of my goals. I intentionally have chosen career paths that have not only supported me financially but enabled me to assist people in preserving life. I believe that life is precious and should not be ended, as much as possible, through tragic situations. Besides being able to sustain life in general as part of my job of being a firefighter, paramedic and a nurse at the same time, I see this as a crucial and serious task that must be continuously practiced and developed to uphold the effectiveness of the delivery of service.

With the duty of having another person’ s life put into my hands, perfection in my practice may not be attained but I have willed to devote myself in a never-ending pursuit of the near-perfect provision of aid. To be able to learn the latest ways and principles involved in my profession, I try to allow time in attending seminars and training; I have also enrolled in several courses before and was able to secure a number of certifications from bona fide state institutions.

Furthermore, an emergency respondent like me needs continuing education to be suitable in deciding what interventions should or should not be done in a specific situation. The only problem, though, is that these pieces of training, courses, and seminars most of the time cost a lot. I need the scholarship grant mainly for financial reasons; because I do not have enough source of money to support myself with this course yet, I am really hoping that I will be one of the chosen ones for this opportunity.

The scholarship program is the only way to finish the course that I want to enroll.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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