Persons Holistic Development Shaping Ones Personality – Scholarship Essay Example

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The paper "Person’ s Holistic Development Shaping One’ s Personality" is an excellent example of a scholarship essay on psychology. The vicissitudes in life pose a variety of challenges to an individual. One’ s ability to cope with these challenges determines the individual’ s acumen to succeed. Diverse factors contribute to a person’ s holistic development shaping one’ s personality. Family background, educational attainment, social environment, and spiritual orientation influence the kind of values ingrained in a person.   As an individual exposed to trials and challenges in terms of interpersonal relationships and academic-related concerns in pursuit of future professional endeavors, I am fortunate to be equipped with vires (“ beyond the powers” ) and mores (“ custom” ).  The concept of culture through family relationships and practice is manifested in the adherence to complying with tradition and beliefs.

As a deeply religious person, my faith and trust in the Divine Power enable me to weather all kinds of problems and dilemmas. The concept of mores is thereby exemplified.   Concurrently, inner strength is honed - giving me physical courage and the mental ability to discern moral values. These concepts guide me when faced with decisions involving conflicts and ethics.

Coupled with a strong faith, I do not allow negative feelings and situations to cloud my decisions and lead me to more complicated situations. My philosophy in life is to accept whatever challenges come my way and to decide fairly and justly.   As a consequence, I usually emerge a stronger person; more equipped to face future trials and challenges. Vires and mores are both reflected in the way I overcome tribulations with a reserved faith and hope for a bright future.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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