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Philosophy Essays and Research Papers

Personal Philosophy on the Role of Science
The paper "Personal Philosophy on the Role of Science" is a wonderful example of an essay on philosophy. Personally, I believe that science provides a practical avenue for examining and exploring important issues revolving around the human body and different aspects of the environment. Science is a collaborative, dynamic, and creative endeavor.…
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The Background and Theories of Ivan Illich
The paper "The Background and Theories of Ivan Illich" is a perfect example of a case study on philosophy. Several philosophers have looked at matters concerning education. The philosophers such as Ivan Illich critically looked at problems associated with modern schooling and suggested the best system for learning (Peters & Roberts, 2011).…
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Virtue in Virtue Ethics
The paper "Virtue in Virtue Ethics" is an outstanding example of an essay on philosophy. Virtue ethics is an approach to ethics which is agent-based. The virtue ethics approach mainly focuses on the important motivations and character of a person’s moral agent. An individual’s moral behaviour is not attached or limited to any guidelines or a rule (Darwall 2003).…
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Is Falsificationism Adequate as a Demarcation Criterion
The paper “Is Falsificationism Adequate as a Demarcation Criterion?”  is a  well-turned example of an essay on philosophy. Falsificationism is defined as the logic likelihood of a statement that shows not to be true by using specific examination or else physical experimentation. These also show that if something seems to be not true it does not likely mean it is false.…
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Utilitarianism, Rawl's Theory of Justice and Kantian Deontology
The paper “Utilitarianism, Rawl's Theory of Justice and Kantian Deontology”  is a delightful example of a case study on philosophy. Business ethics are the guidelines on what is right and what is wrong in society and in the business world. Ethics are the rules that govern day to day running of the corporate world.…
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What is Philosophy and How Important Is It
The paper “What is Philosophy and How Important Is It?”  is a  breathtaking example of a literature review on philosophy. The definition of philosophy is variable and can be provided from numerous perspectives. Keller defines philosophy as a set of beliefs and perspectives regarding the universe and life that an individual holds uncritically.…
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Ethics, Metaphysics, Pragmatism, and Their Individual Value
The paper “Ethics, Metaphysics, Pragmatism, and Their Individual Value”  is a  meaty example of a literature review on philosophy. Dubinsky viewed philosophy as a reflection and an inquiry. He further suggests that philosophy is the process of inquiring into an issue to gain an insight into questions regarding reason, truth, knowledge, meaning, value, and mind.…
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What Are the Challenges for Universal Conception of Human Rights
The paper “What Are the Challenges for Universal Conception of Human Rights?” is an intriguing example of a literature review on philosophy. Over the years universal conceptualization of human rights has been challenged by extreme ideological conflicts presented by universalists and cultural relativists. The universality of human rights is based on liberal political ideology.…
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Social Contract by Hobbes
The paper “Social Contract by Hobbes” is a cogent example of an essay on philosophy. Thomas Hobbes is presently regarded as one of the greatest political philosophers in the world. Indeed, his masterwork rivals in significance political writings of Aristotle, Rawls, Plato, Locke, and Kant. He is famous for his early development of social contract theory.…
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Security as a Purchase, the Price of Absolutism in Hobbes's Social Contract
The paper “Security as a Purchase, the Price of Absolutism in Hobbes's Social Contract” is a sage example of a literature review on philosophy. Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) presented his philosophy on the social contract theory. In his theory, Hobbes proposed that rational individuals create a rational government that is based on class.…
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Treatment of Rhetoric in the Political Thought of Plato and Aristotle
The paper "Treatment of Rhetoric in the Political Thought of Plato and Aristotle" Is a great example of a Philosophy Essay. Rhetoric in the present time is associated with disputes and modified truths in an attempt to persuade. It is an explanation of man’s efforts to accomplish their persuasion or communication through speech. …
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John Rawl's Original Citizen Position and the Principles of Justice
The paper “John Rawl's Original Citizen Position and the Principles of Justice” is a   potent example of a literature review on philosophy. In the book ‘veil of ignorance’, John Rawls identifiers the main principle of the common and original citizens. The book narrates how an original citizen would form groups to discuss the actions they take to bold their own future, in a socialist society.…
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John Rawls Principles of Justice
The paper “John Rawls’ Principles of Justice” is a   dramatic example of an essay on philosophy. A Theory of Justice springs from one John Rawls’ most prolific works of ethics and political philosophy. In the work, he attempts at solving the puzzle surrounding distributive justice through the utilization of a different version of the familiar instrument of the social contract.…
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Eternalism Presentism and Growing Block Theory
The paper "Eternalism Presentism and Growing Block Theory" Is a great example of a Philosophy Essay. Metaphysics is a philosophical approach to reality that deals with issues related to existence. Time and change are some of the aspects that have been considered to be relatively contentious with regard to existence.…
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Consequentialism and the Demands of Morality
The paper "Consequentialism and the Demands of Morality" is a great example of a Philosophy Essay. In “Alienation, Consequentialism, and Morality” Peter Railton sets out to defend act consequentialism against the objections that it is a cold and unfeeling doctrine and that it is too demanding. Briefly explain Railton’s rejoinder (response) to these objections. Does it succeed? Why or why not? …
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Philosophy Of Happiness
The paper "Philosophy Of Happiness" Is a wonderful example of a Philosophy Essay. The term happiness may appear like a straightforward phrase having a simple definition. However, in the real sense, it is a complex term that has a wide explanation. Happiness can be defined as a life that is termed as good for an individual experiencing it and is not just a mere life filled with happy feelings.…
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How Did the Criteria for Statehood Change in the 20th Century
The paper "How Did the Criteria for Statehood Change in the 20th Century" is a wonderful example of a Philosophy Case Study. Legal writers have suggested several definitions of statehood. Importantly, there were those definitions of a state before the 20th century, and there is a modern definition of statehood. Supremacy and independence were recognized as essential aspects. …
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Freuds Theory of the Dream Work Issues
The paper "Freud’s Theory of the Dream Work Issues" is a wonderful example of a Philosophy Assignment. Are dreams just dreams and meaningless? In his work, Freud examines the ideology of dreams, their inception, and their interpretation. Dreams are vital for the stability of the unconscious mind because they are the key representation of the operations by the unconscious mind. …
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Happiness as an Activity of Soul
The paper "Happiness as an Activity of Soul" is a great example of a Philosophy Essay. Aristotle is arguably considered one of the greatest thinkers in the history of philosophy and western science at large (Ross, 2007). His contributions are wide-ranging in the fields of metaphysics, mathematics, logic, biology, politics among others. One of the most comprehensive subjects. …
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Plato and Inspiration to Superior Love
The paper "Plato and Inspiration to Superior Love" Is a great example of a Philosophy Assignment. In this paper, I am going to talk about how love leads an individual to beauty and a place full of goodness; this was brought about by Plato. The paper also explores how Plato explains the journey from the shifting world of logic and opinion to the eternal world of authenticity and truth. …
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Why Is There Something and not Nothing
The paper "Why Is There Something and not Nothing" is a wonderful example of a Philosophy Assignment. It is not possible for there to be nothing at the beginning of time. This statement is backed up by Darwin’s natural selection theory of evolution. The theory states that evolution leads to the production of complicated organs through a number of fully-functional intermediate parts.…
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Why Does Socrates Think We Have an Obligation to Obey The Laws of Society
The paper "Why Does Socrates Think We Have an Obligation to Obey The Laws of Society" is a great example of a Philosophy Essay. Socrates (469-399 BC) can be described as one of the greatest philosophers, who up to this day, is widely acknowledged for laying the fundamentals of contemporary Western philosophy. As Smith (2007) highlights, he was a mysterious figure. …
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What is Enlightenment
The paper "What is Enlightenment" is a great sample of a Philosophy Essay. The question “What is enlightenment?” as answered by 18th-century thinkers and the influence of their ideas on our understanding of modernity has always attracted a lot of attention from many scholars throughout the world. In this regard, this essay seeks to address a number of issues. …
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Moral Judgment or Emotions versus Reason
The paper "Moral Judgment or Emotions versus Reason" is a wonderful example of a Philosophy Essay. The discourses on the concept and nature of moral judgment have been prevalent in the realms of moral philosophy. In this regard, diverse proponents have made profound attempts to justify the applicability of either reason or emotions in the efforts to make proper and sound moral judgments.…
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Understanding of Happiness
The paper "Understanding of Happiness " Is a great example of a Philosophy Assignment. Eudaimonia means happiness in Greek. According to Aristotle, happiness is the highest good that a human being has. He says that whatever a human being does, he does it in pursuit of happiness. Aristotle was a great philosopher and polymath who hailed from Greece. …
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