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Mathematics Essays and Research Papers

Mathematics Education
The paper "Mathematics Education" is a wonderful example of an assignment on mathematics.(All required aspects are included – purpose, overview, justification, examples, summary/conclusion, and reference list; page/font/video/audio specifications are adhered to. If the assessment does not meet the requirements adequately, it will be returned unmarked for revisions and resubmission.)…
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Constructivism In Mathematics
The paper "Constructivism In Mathematics" is a wonderful example of a literature review on mathematics. The current essay is a critique of views expressed by Dr. Max Stephens (Identification and Evaluation of Teaching Practices that Enhance Numeracy Achievement), Joanne Lobato, David Clarke, Amy Burns Ellis (Initiating and Eliciting in Teaching: A Reformulation of Telling).…
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Information and Communication Technology Acceptance Level among Mathematics Teachers
The paper “Information and Communication Technology Acceptance Level among Mathematics Teachers” is a breathtaking example of a research proposal on mathematics. The major purpose of this study is to elaborate on a model that would predict and explain the ICT acceptance level among mathematics teachers.…
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Mathematics Education
The paper "Mathematics Education" is a wonderful example of a research paper on mathematics. This study focuses on the effects of a coeducational environment on students’ performance, especially in mathematics. It also sets to examines some of the positive and negative effects of both single-sex and mixed-sex schools in students’ mathematics performance, especially on female students.…
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Exploring Mathematics- Maths Trail Design
The paper "Exploring Mathematics- Maths Trail Design" is a worthy example of an assignment on mathematics. Mathematics trail can be defined as stop sequences along a pre-determined path or route where pupils or students can examine mathematics in a given area. These trails are very important in the life of a pupil in that it offers the best experience for learning mathematical concepts.…
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Mathematics, Science and Gender - nitring and vluting Rsrh fr and by hrs
The paper “Mathematics, Science and Gender - Моnitоring and Еvаluаting Rеsеаrсh fоr and by Теасhеrs” is a meaty variant of literature review on mathematics. Mathematics and science are subject areas that experience a high level of inequality in relation to gender. Inequality arises in terms of participation and performance.…
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Justification of Process Oriented Methods in the Teaching of Fractions
The paper “Justification of Process Oriented Methods in the Teaching of Fractions” is an informative example of an essay on mathematics. Fractions are required for geometry and numbers, which makes up the essence of Mathematics. However, many students continue to experience difficulties when it comes to understanding them, hence the existence of a notion that fractions are ‘hard’.…
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Uses of Computer in Mathematical Study
The paper "Uses of Computer in Mathematical Study" is a great example of a report on mathematics. This paper explains a ten-year laborious research study that has probed the changing nature of how school teachers make use of computers in their mathematics classes especially, and also their awareness of limitations or problems to civilizing, or extending, such use.…
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Image Processing
The paper "Image Processing" is a wonderful example of a report on mathematics. The report undertook to carry out edge detection of images, since edges are boundaries connecting similar surfaces which create discontinuities in image intensity among pixels. This is an important characteristic of an image that requires analysis using a different frequency from an image.…
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Design of a Car Suspension System - Mathematical Modelling, the Cut-Off Frequency Related to the Natural Frequency
The paper “Design of a Car Suspension System - Mathematical Modelling, the Cut-Off Frequency Related to the Natural Frequency”  is an engrossing variant of a math problem on mathematics. The design of car suspension considered a car that weighs 2 tons and only damping coefficient and spring stiffness was adjusted to determine their impact.…
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Part AMulti-criteria decision analysisIntroductionThe problem involves 4 professionals who have just been through MBA program and have managed to secure well paying jobs with organization in the city. The professionals are to find appropriate places…
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Prepare An Essay On A Model For The Term Structure Of Interest Rates
Essays on the Model for the term structure of interest rateABSTRACTIn this essay, I focus on the question of whether the term structure model of interest rates employed for pricing derivatives instruments are relevant to use in simulation on the…
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Fluids Dynamics
(i)20* 1000= 200010/100*2000 = 200200/60 = 3.3So the answer is 3.3m/s(ii)dV/dt = −V 2/LFLF = 3m/s * 1 hour and L = 50 km50 * 1000 = 50,000.SodV/dt = 50, 000/3 = 16, 666.7m/s (iii)Dθ / Dt = kH ∂2θ/ ∂x2 Estimate of kH16, 666.7m/s = kH ∂2θ/ ∂x2 So16,…
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Barriers Affecting Mathematics Teachers Use of Information and Communication Technology
The paper “Barriers Affecting Mathematics Teachers’ Use of Information and Communication Technology” is an exciting example of a term paper on mathematics. The aim of “the international society for technology in education (ISTE’s)” journal is to educate and provide guidelines in the teaching practice.…
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Task 3Option 2f1(x)= 7cos(4x)/4(x+1)f2(x)=sin(4x)e-x/4f3(x)= cos(4x)tanh(x/4)The task was to insert trigonometric functions into the graphs using excel.Initially, ‘x’ values were inserted in the excel from 0 to 10 at an interval of 0.1 that is, 0,…
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Mathematical Realism, Universally Accepted Empirical Views of Mathematics
The paper “Mathematical Realism, Universally Accepted Empirical Views of Mathematics” is an actual example of an essay on mathematics. The terms like quantity, structure, space, and change are the basics of Mathematics. It is very important for us to live a life with a proportionate application of our senses and our knowledge.…
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Data Analysis Assignment
Question 1:a. Mean and standard deviation:Given that the sample was randomly selected then the sample means is expected to be unbiased and therefore depict the population means, this means that the sample mean of the random sample will be an unbiased…
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The Issue in the Teaching of Mathematics
The paper “The Issue in the Teaching of Mathematics” is a motivating example of a literature review on mathematics. There are many psychological studies on children's and adolescents' problems with mathematics. For teachers to help their students overcome their problems with mathematics, reviewing such studies, and implementing the suggested strategies is of the utmost importance.…
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Ancient History of Chinese Math
The paper "Ancient History of Chinese Math" is an excellent example of a term paper on mathematics. There are ancient drawings that indicate the knowledge of measurement and mathematics of ancient times which is based on the stars. Early attempts to quantify time have been found in various places in the world.…
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Financial Report Of The Treetop Retreat
prepared byIntroductionThe Treetop Retreat business which is the case study for our analysis is owned by George and Jane Forrester. The reason behind carrying a quantitative analysis is because the firm is turning out to be competitive as a result of…
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Reprot And Analysis
The above table results can be represented by a histogram to achieve a clear visual representation of the results as follows:Fig 3.0: Total Survey ParticipationFrom the above representations it is clear that Australian population rated their health…
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Knowledge And Society
Statistics Stock Market and Exchange Rate DataBroken Hill Propriety (BHP)DateLast%changeHighlowvol*(M)closing pricesExchange rate (AUD to 1…
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(1) (Exercise 1 (a), Chapter 3) for x ≥ 2, prove that log2 (x) + A + 0 ()Where A is a constant (Use Euler’s summation formula)SolutionEuler’s summation is as followsS= dt + Substitute u = log tS= log2x - log2 + Since {t-[t] ≤1 and 1 = O () for t≥x≥2,…
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Industry Competitive AnalysisExecutive Summary This paper analyses the competitiveness of the retail industry. In doing so, it focuses on the operations of Walmart, which is the largest retailer in the world and compares the same with Tesco. To…
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13th June, 2012Question 1Employment is protected by the law and it involves the relationships between the employer, employee and the state/government. In Australia the legal rights of workers and employers is protected by the Fair Work Act of 2009.…
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