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There is no special class that studies logic. However, many classes require the knowledge and active usage of this skill such as it is an integral part of the entire set of skills necessary for education and further career. It makes it possible to discover mistakes in reasoning by evaluating the different common fallacies.

You can start your paper by defining the term. One of the best ways is to call it “an art of reasoning.” Anyway, students should start their papers with some hook sentences to catch an eye of readers. A boring introduction will scare off your audience. Do not start with trivial things like a definition from glossary or obvious facts. However, you can stick to the eternally accepted pattern and choose one of the following types of essays to write your paper:

  • Definition (explain what logic is)
  • Narrative (make up a story)
  • Reflective (describe personal experience)
  • Argumentative (offer a certain position in a debate around logic)
  • Persuasive (prove your opinion to others)
  • Compare and contrast (compare various ways of thinking)

There are more types of academic papers. Also, you should check which type of citation format you should use before writing. Usually, logic papers are written in MLA or APA. Develop an outline based on the good logic essay example. If you wish to minimize your efforts and increase the chances of receiving a high grade, contact professional online academic writers that can handle any of the assignments listed above.

Logical Division Essay Example from Professional Writer

Decision-making is a process that coexists with the logical thinking. Logical actions help to make proper decisions. Various fields of study such as logistics, math, statistics, philosophy, management, and others develop this skill. There are several reasons to study this subject. First of all, it helps to define which argument is valid. A good logic is a tool of persuasion. This skill assists in spotting fallacies. Clear thinking is a way to be a better citizen for your country. Finally, it’s just fun!

Here is a short logical division essay example from a professional academic writer:

“The way person makes choices and decisions depends on how the issue was presented. Different people observe various problems from different angles. People often end up making illogical choices due to several reasons: lack of life experience, insufficient skills, the absence of necessary knowledge, inconvenience, etc. Improving logical and critical thinking through different games and special applications may speed up the process of development. A decision-making process requires continuing progress. The manner of decision-making depends on the individual’s inherent nature, and that is the main point to discuss in this paper.”

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Logic & Programming Essays and Research Papers

Challenges of Distributed Computing Environments
The paper "Challenges of Distributed Computing Environments" is a great example of a report on logic and programming. To begin with, distributed computing is a type of computing where the computational task is divided into subtasks that are performed on a collection of networked computers. These networks under normal circumstances are used for different kinds of applications.…
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Cloud Computing in Small and Medium Business
The paper "Cloud Computing in Small and Medium Business" is a great example of a report on logic and programming. Cloud computing is a coming forth tendency of online file right to use being used by business organizations universally. It produces a practical space or cloud of business files and diligence, which include the employees from anyplace.…
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Speech Recognition Software
The paper "Speech Recognition Software" is a perfect example of a report on logic and programming. For the past twenty years, Speech recognition software has been in existence, although the early software seemed to be very expensive and they depended so much on very powerful computers in order for them to run.…
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Australian Institute for International Affairs
The paper "Australian Institute for International Affairs " is a wonderful example of a case study on logic and programming. The name of the website is the Australian Institute of International affairs. The URL for the website shall remain www.aiia.asn.au. The name and URL shall be retained so as not to have denial of service and 404 errors for the current audience.…
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Employing XML, XQUERY, and SQL Queries Techniques
The paper “Employing XML, XQUERY, and SQL Queries Techniques” is a  brilliant variant of assignment on logic & programming. Here, the SQL command is selecting data from two tables, Orders, and Order details. At the same time, it is checking in the order details table for orders whose unit prices are less than 20.…
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Incorporating a Hospital Information System with Hospital Quality Assurance Program System
The paper “Incorporating a Hospital Information System with Hospital Quality Assurance Program System”  is an apposite example case study on logic & programming. Hospitals having an information system is not enough. It is a priority to ensure that the system used can store, manipulate data and produce reports when queried.…
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Information Security Management
The paper “Information Security Management” is a thoughtful example of an assignment on logic & programming. Data miners have also had serious violations of privacy. The law allows data mining for the sake of collection of personal information for various uses including census, budgeting, and finance.…
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Network Design for a Company
The paper "Network Design for a Company " is a great example of a report on logic and programming. The department includes reception and conference rooms, management and personnel, administration and finance, human resources on a four or more story building and stores and inventory, sales and marketing, design and production, and assembly on a three or more story building.…
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What is Virtualization
The paper "What is Virtualization" is a wonderful example of a report on logic and programming. Virtualization has changed from a technique being utilized to solve technical problems to a vital element of data center strategy which enables the users to achieve better business outcomes which include cost reduction, enhanced business agility, and minimized risk.…
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Car Number Plate Recognition
The paper "Car Number Plate Recognition" is a great example of a report on logic and programming. Template matching in car number plate recognition is one of most important imaging techniques. In this report, the issue that has been a focus on is how to use Matlab while maintaining or improving image recognition.…
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Possible Ways of Improving Imaging
The paper "Possible Ways of Improving Imaging" is a great example of a research paper on logic and programming. Imaging processing has been characterized by significant technological advancement thus leading to the development of more sophisticated and efficient imaging modalities. These technologies provide detailed useful information about an image.…
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Object Oriented Programing Languages
The paper "Object Oriented Programing Languages " is a great example of a report on logic and programming. Technological advancement has been coupled with inventions to come up with strategies to automate repetitive tasks not only for speed in execution but also for standardization of results and quality enhancement.…
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Mechanical Engineering and MATLAB Environment
The paper "Mechanical Engineering and MATLAB Environment" is a wonderful example of an assignment on logic and programming. This report considers a parachute designer who is working in a European Space Agency and who is required to design and implement software for testing of the consequences of altering the parachute’s effective cross-sectional area…
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Designing, Implementing and Verifying Arithmetic and Logic Unit
The paper "Designing, Implementing and Verifying Arithmetic and Logic Unit" is a great example of a report on logic and programming. This report aimed at designing, implementing, and verifying arithmetic and logic units in the 6502. The arithmetic and logic unit was designed in very-high-speed integrated circuit hardware description language (VHDL).…
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Usability Testing Evaluation
The paper “Usability Testing Evaluation” is a well-turned example of an essay on information technology. The website usability is evaluated by measuring several aspects of usability as depicted in the testing procedures. The testers carried out the tasks described in the previous sections. Each tester was scored differently based on each task.…
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Improving Accuracy of Answer Extraction in Question-Answer System
The paper "Improving Accuracy of Answer Extraction in Question-Answer System" is a great example of a research paper on logic and programming. Information technology has grown to the level that requires retrieving information from the Internet necessary. This is because the entire world is accessing information through the Internet, and the information is understood by human beings.…
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Data Warehousing and Analytics

The paper "Data Warehousing and Analytics" is a wonderful example of an assignment on logic and programming. When fitting models to a large dataset, it is advisable to partition the data into training, validation, and testing datasets. This is done because the models normally have 3 levels of parameters.

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Network Fundamentals with Cisco - Accommodating Hosts in the Student Networks
The paper “Network Fundamentals with Cisco - Accommodating Hosts in the Student Networks” is an informative assignment on logic & programming. Subnet1: 16= 00010000 11001000.11001000.00010000.00000000 18= 00010010 11001000.11001000.00010010.0000000…
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Game Fundamentals
The paper "Game Fundamentals" is a great example of a case study on logic and programming. Games are social activities within the community that have different meanings and purpose to both the audience and participants. Games take different forms depending on its nature and the intended goal. Common global games have a rich history within the society.…
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Web Project Planning, Design and Implementation
The paper “Web Project Planning, Design and Implementation” is a forceful variant of a lab report on logic & programming. Extreme Programming (XP) is a rather recent development of the incremental model that puts the client in the driver’s seat. Each feature or feature set of the final product envisioned by the client and the development team is individually scoped for cost and development time.…
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Software Development Methodologies
The paper "Software Development Methodologies " is a great example of a report on logic and programming. While advocates of both traditional and ‘agile’ software development methodologies often claim that their preferred method is ‘correct’, in fact, both types of the methodology are valid and can produce good results in appropriate circumstances.…
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QoS in VOIP and Other Networks
The paper "QoS in VOIP and Other Networks" is a wonderful example of a report on logic and programming. Quality of service (QoS) is defined as a network capability to offer improved services to a chosen traffic of network over a number of technologies that include IP-routed network, SONET, 802.1 and Ethernet networks, asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame Relay.…
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Software Development Process
The paper "Software Development Process" is a wonderful example of a report on logic and programming. The agile software development method is major progress in software management. The main issue in the development of software organizations and services has been to provide faster, cheaper, and better solutions.…
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Humn mputer Intertin: ExxonMbil
The paper "Humаn Соmputer Interасtiоn: ExxonMоbil" is a great example of a case study on logic and programming. Human-computer interaction has been used in engineering design and in cognitive science to ensure that there is comfortable use of designed systems and devices. It is concerned with understanding how the devices and systems used by people can be made better.…
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Advanced Routing
The paper "Advanced Routing" is a wonderful example of an assignment on logic and programming. In this network task assignment, several factors will be considered where two different protocols exist in two different network segments and especially when there is an interest to upgrade the network system from the current IPv4 to IPv6.…
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