How to Start a Literature Review

When it comes to the definition of what is a literature review, most students strain while giving their response. It is because they do not have experience when it comes to these pieces. However, you should always know what you are dealing with to enhance the chances of writing what is exactly needed.

It is common for students to prepare dissertations and research papers on different topics. Some people have already researched the topics before. Therefore, you should demonstrate that you understand what was done and the parts of the literature that should be processed better. That is where the section of the literature review comes in.

So, what is the best literature review definition? It is defined as a document that provides a comprehensive survey of various sources of information, including books and journals that handle the given topic you are interested in writing. The important thing that you should know in this case is that the review is not just a summary of the details in the literature sources. There has to be an in-depth analysis, interpretation, and a keen evaluation of what is contained in the said literature.

Secondly, the sources should be synthesized by providing a highlight of the specific pattern in which the information is presented, the themes discussed, any conflict addressed, and the existing gaps in the data. Lastly, there should be a section where you show the relationship between the information contained in the sources being reviewed and the already available knowledge. To put it in simple terms, the completeness of the review is crucial.

Some Tips for Preparation

There are many things to cater for when you prepare a review of the literature. The first is that there has to be a correlation between the sources reviewed and your subject matter. Do not review marketing content when you are preparing a medical dissertation. Secondly, the literature review structure should be superb.

Therefore, read the guidelines from your institution on the sections that you should include in the review of the literature. The language used in reviewing the literature should also be impeccable, formal and attractive. If there are any quality considerations that you have not met in the preparation of a review of the literature, you do not have any chances of better performance.

In a bid to prepare a review of the literature, students strain a lot. For instance, some have no idea about the topics they should select. As soon as you make the wrong decision at the beginning of the task, the chances of recovery are limited. Most of the students are inexperienced in the preparation of these papers because they are inexperienced. To make the task manageable, read an expertly-crafted literature review example and get insight into what you need to do when faced with tasks of this magnitude.

Alternatively, you can hire expert writers who are knowledgeable in preparing the reviews. Fortunately, we are in a position to assist you in making the most exquisite pieces since our writers have been preparing them for many years. When you hire our services, you reduce the struggles in the preparation of these papers.

How to Write a Literature Review Like a Professional

If you want to write a review of literature that you can confidently present to the professor with the surety of exemplary performance, you should do everything correctly from the beginning. Are you worried about how to start a literature review? Follow this procedure.

Carefully Read the Paper Question and Instructions

There are cases where you already have a question or topic that you are expected to handle. You must understand the case properly to ensure that the review is what is required. There are keywords that you should never overlook when reviewing the literature. They include describing, highlight, and explanation, among others. They can guide you on the type of sources that you should use when writing a literature review.

Another important thing is to read the instructions for the preparation of your review of the literature. There may be specifications as to the length that the review section should have. Stick to the requirement. In most cases, the professors give a guide on the formation style that should be followed. You should adhere to that so that you do not lose the essential paper marks.

Some questions usually are too hard. The situation is made worse by the strict paper instructions. It is at such times that you should hire a professional to assist with the work. Fortunately, there is never a review of the literature that is too hard for the experts at our company. Moreover, they follow all the guidelines provided.

Choose an Appropriate Paper Topic to Write

In some cases, you are given the freedom to work on a topic of your choice. It seems like a tall order for most students because they become confused as to what they should take. However, you should take this as an advantage as you can decide what you are comfortable with. What are the most appropriate literature review topics?

The first crucial characteristic is that the topic should be related to your study area. A student pursuing medicine should take a subject that is related to the medical world. Moreover, it should be something that adds value to society. Besides, an interesting topic is also should be attractive for the instructor to read your content and award a favorable grade. Lastly, the scope should be something you can cover within the context of the review.

Are you one of those people who have no idea the kind of topic that suits them? You should consult your supervisor on the areas that are attractive at the moment of writing. Some classmates can also guide you on what you can select. Reading related reviews can also offer insight as to the topics that work. Our experts are also proficient when it comes to the choice of topics that work every time. They can select and write a stellar literature review format for you.

Read Examples to Get an Idea What to Do

There are times you may go through the instructions and questions of and still have no idea how you should deal with the review. It is at such times that you need a good literature review sample to guide you. The insights you can get from such pieces include the kind of content you should use in the review of literature; how to cite the sources, the language to use, and the organization of the paper information.

Moreover, you get the confidence to continue with the task until completion. With such motivation, the chances of preparing a stellar review of literature are enhanced. From our website, you can get a perfect literature review template that can guide you through the whole process of paper preparation. With that, you can never go wrong. Every section of your review reflects your needs. Moreover, our experts can also write on your behalf.

How to Conduct a Literature Review Comprehensively

Now that you have finished the preparatory stages of the task, the next step is how to conduct a literature review. There are many things involved here. Begin by selecting the sources that you should evaluate. The first place to begin the research is the library. Ask for books that focus on your area of interest. In other words, the sources should provide answers to the research questions you have.

You can also concentrate on articles and journals. Additionally, there are online resources such as JSTOR and ISPEC, that can also prove useful. If you cannot access the crucial sources, seek assistance from our writers. They know where to get any literature information needed.

It does not mean that you should read all the sources you get. Stick to the number of articles that are specified by the professor. Your choice should be guided by the type of content contained in your sources. In every source, there are fundamental issues that you should look at.

Look at the problems that are addressed by the author, the definition of the important concepts, the theories that are discussed, the contribution that each publication makes in understanding the subject, and any weaknesses in the source. Such work may take a lot of time. Therefore, you should not be in a hurry. Otherwise, you can also consult our experts as they can assist you in the proper preparation of the whole piece.

As you analyze these sources, take notes that can help you in the writing of the review. You can specify what to include in the literature review introduction and the other sections. Note the information sources so that you can find it easy to cite them during the writing process.

How to Write a Literature Review Example Outline

When you already have the required information, your next move should be how to write a literature review example. The body of the review can be prepared using a variety of approaches:

  • Chronological approach

In this case, you trace the developments that have taken place in the research of the topic. You begin with the earlier researches as you move to the most recent ones. Instead of just giving a list, assess the patterns, the areas of debate, and the discoveries that have changed peoples’ perceptions on the topic. Moreover, provide your interpretations of the issues.

  • Thematic approach

Where there are central themes, you can focus on them. Exhaustively discuss one idea as presented in one source before you move to the next.

  • Theoretical method

In a case where there are theories involved, discuss every theory, and relate it to your research. Ensure every part of the literature review outline is complete and move to the next.

If you do not know the types of literature review, you should look at the examples on our website to get the information. Read a wide variety of reviews so that you can comfortably approach any review task.

Literature review Example and Samples

Understanding the Change Processes Resulting from Accreditation
The paper “Understanding the Change Processes Resulting from Accreditation” is an affecting variant of a literature review on education. Van de Ven and Poole (1995) define change as the occurrence of a difference in single or multiple perspectives of an entity. They propose that this difference takes place over time. They add that people do not always respond positively to change.…
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Teaching Spoken Language
The paper “Teaching Spoken Language” is a pathetic variant of a literature review on English. There is a growing need for good communicative skills in English around the world which has created a lot of interest in the acquisition of English as a second language discourse. Altbach (2007) says that it is the most broadly studied second language.…
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New Zealand's Historical Curriculum in Education
The paper “Nеw Zеаlаnd’s Histоriсаl Curriculum in Eduсаtiоn” is an intriguing variant of literature review on education. Since 1877 to date, New Zealand’s national education curriculum has been revised at regular intervals. Consequently, from time to time schools were forced to accommodate the new changes in the curriculum.…
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Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Pedagogy Practice in Australia
The paper “Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Pedagogy Practice in Australia” is an impressive variant of literature review on education. Bagnato (2005, p.20) states that South Australian children must go through Reception or the initial school year when they are five years old. Most children who go to government learning institutions mainly begin at the commencement of every four terms.…
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Positive Effect of Social Stories on Autism Spectrum Disorders
The paper “Positive Effect of Social Stories on Autism Spectrum Disorders” is a fascinating variant of a literature review on education. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has been verified to be a neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by impairments in the verbal and non-verbal communication and affects the social behavior of the patient.…
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Recruitment and Selection of Warehouse Manager for Best Pearls
The paper “Recruitment and Selection of  Warehouse Manager for Best Pearls ” is an engrossing variant of literature review on  education. In U.S., school reform has been a focus for many years. As in many states, the position of superintendent in schools has evolved over the years .High-stakes testing and accountability evolved into systemic reform measures.…
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Use of Inquiry Learning in the Context of Integrated Programming
The paper “Use of Inquiry Learning in the Context of Integrated Programming” is an well-turned  variant of literature review on education. Inquiry is the search for information, truth or knowledge by the use of questions. The process and concept of inquiry involves the gathering of information and data by asking others about that particular subject.…
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Approaches to Continuing Education and Training
The paper “Approaches to Continuing Education and Training” is an meaningful  variant of literature review on education. This essay provides analysis and critical discussion of some of the approaches of workplace learning existing within academic literatures. The introductory part of this essay gives an overview why workplace learning in Australia has become significant issue for employees, etc.…
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Humans as Product of Society
The paper “Humans as Product of Society” is an affecting variant of literature review on sociology. This essay will examine the premise that we or our children are ‘products of society’. By coming to an understanding of why this is so, the idea is to have a better idea of how to bring about change. This will assist teachers to forge better partnerships with parents in the education of their children.…
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Impact of Self-Esteem on the Reading Capabilities of Early Learners
The paper “Impact of Self-Esteem on the Reading Capabilities of Early Learners” is an intriguing variant of a literature review on education. Early years are considered the foundational stages of learning. It is during this stage that children learn the basics of reading, counting, and writing. The early years presents the best opportunity to lay the foundations for future academic achievement.…
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Race Relations in Classroom
The paper “Race Relations in Classroom” is an outstanding variant of literature review on sociology. Following European settlement, Australia was predominantly Anglo-Saxon with most migrants exclusively originating from the British Isles. Although the Aboriginal and Torres Islanders people were Australia’s original inhabitants, European settlers domineered and imposed their culture.…
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Dilemmas in Teaching
The paper “Dilemmas in Teaching” is a dramatic variant of literature review on education. Many at times teachers are confronted with myriad of dilemmas in their course of everyday teaching experiences. Classrooms comprise learners from different backgrounds, learners with different learning capabilities, and learners with special needs and it has always been a challenging task for many teachers.…
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Community Work
The paper "Community Work" is a wonderful example of a literature review on social science. Still, from a detailed survey of the literature, I conclude that few texts or researches provide theoretically-grounded guidance on how working with communities should be undertaken more respectfully and effectively (Pugh & Cheers, 2010; Worral, 2007; Nkwake et al, 2013).…
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English as a Lingua Franca and its Impact on Teaching of EFL
The paper "English as a Lingua Franca and its Impact on Teaching of EFL" is a great example of a literature review on education. English is used throughout the world as a lingua franca; this means persons who do not speak the same first language use it as a means of communication. There is an increasing interest in English as a lingua franca (ELF).…
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Effects of Testing on Teaching
The paper "Effects of Testing on Teaching" is a wonderful example of a literature review on education. Student’s assessments have been subject to debate in the recent past. Despite the fact that many professionals and scholars are united around the idea that students require modern skills to be successful today, results are however mixed on the effects on teaching.…
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Primary Assessment for Learning - Collaborative Learning
The paper “Primary Assessment for Learning - Collaborative Learning” is an impressive variant of a literature review on education. The principles of collaborative learning and motivation have been widely used in education for its positive impacts like facilitation of critical thinking, performance as well as retention abilities (Antil, Jenkins and Watkins, 1998).…
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Social Structuring of Bodily Capital and Bodily Labour among Professional Fighters, Credibility of Virtual Ethnography
The paper “Social Structuring of Bodily Capital and Bodily Labour among Professional Fighters, Credibility of Virtual Ethnography” is a controversial example of a literature review on social science. In recent years, numerous sporting activities have emerged as money minting activities and multi-billion dollar industry.…
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Creating an Inclusive, Student-Centered Learning Environment
The paper “Creating an Inclusive, Student-Centered Learning Environment” is a  dramatic variant of a literature review on education. This article analyses the issue of creating an inclusive, student-centered learning environment by illustrating the inclusive teaching practices on a target group to facilitate the group to achieve the learning outcomes.…
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Challenges That Arise due to Students Non-English Speaking Backgrounds
The paper “Challenges That Arise due to Students’ Non-English Speaking Backgrounds” is a controversial example of a literature review on English. As education gets globalized by each passing day and a number of international students make a beeline to the Australian universities, difficulties faced by them, particularly in terms of English language, have also become widespread and extensive.…
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Land Use Versus Stream Water Health
The paper "Land Use Versus Stream Water Health" is a great example of a literature review on environmental studies. There are currently major concerns about the heightened degradation of river water health conditions (Kathleen 2011). Various studies have concluded that the health condition of river water is directly or indirectly affected by the human activities happening within a particular river’s watershed.…
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Non-Native-Speaker Teaching Spoken English
The paper “Non-Native-Speaker Teaching Spoken English” is an engrossing variant of a literature review on English. Because of globalization, professionals are forced to move to various countries to cover up for the inadequacies observed. The English teachers are not an exception and thus move to other countries in which they become non-native English speaker teachers.…
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Using Best Practice Skills in Conducting Interviews
The paper “Using Best Practice Skills in Conducting Interviews” is an inspiring variant of a literature review on journalism & communication. The present essay is set to discuss the best practice skills and models in conducting interviews. The essay starts by describing the different types of interviews and then zeros on in a particular area of job interviews.…
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Political Correctness and Language Teaching
The paper " Political Correctness and Language Teaching" is a delightful example of a literature review on education. According to Crystal (1995), it is challenging to have one definition for the term political correctness. However, according to Cameron (1995) political correctness in language refers to ideas and language that may be offensive to certain group identities.…
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Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness
The paper "Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness" is a wonderful example of a literature review on education. The purpose of assessments is to help both teachers and students to identify their current status of knowledge regarding a particular topic, the direction in which they have to progress, and how best they can do it.…
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Inclusive Education for Learners with Down Syndrome
The paper "Inclusive Education for Learners with Down Syndrome" is a perfect example of a literature review on education. Intellectual disability or physical disability describes any disability that notably affects a person’s learning ability and development. The nature of disability varies in each individual although all people with intellectual disabilities have difficulties in thinking.…
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