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Design & Technology Essays and Research Papers

Course Plan on Design and Technology
The paper “Course Plan on Design and Technology” is a thoughtful version of a presentation on design & technology. According to the NSW Board of Studies, studying this course will allow students who have demonstrated strength in the completion of quality projects in Stage 5 electives, an opportunity to extend themselves in a personal area of interest.…
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Process Analyses versus Methodologies
The paper "Process Analyses versus Methodologies" is a great example of a term paper on design and technology. The assignment contains two sections that provides a process analysis example and a methodology analysis example and then compares and contrast the two elements. The first section of the report will be a written process analysis that will explain how to undertake the task of riding a bicycle.…
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A Critical Discussion of Denim Fabric and Various Aspects
The paper "A Critical Discussion of Denim Fabric and Various Aspects" is a good example of a case study on design and technology.  Denim is a long-lasting cotton twill textile through which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. Denim is different from cotton duck since a diagonal ribbing is the end result of the twill weaving. …
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Body-Adapted Wearable Electronics
The paper “Body-Аdapted Wearable Electronics” is an informative variant of a literature review on technology & design. Currently, the literature presented by scholars investigates the design of emerging wearable technologies that are directly integrated into body-worn accessories or smart clothing, which are designed for the situation or constant use as well as accessibility.…
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Current Challenges Faced by the Synergy
The paper "Current Challenges Faced by the Synergy" is a great example of an assignment on design and technology. In the course of the most recent 4 years, CRIM has been steady, yet with the late Infrastructure update, Synergy Sol has tried for the most recent Windows 8.1 Operating framework and additionally updating CRIM to chip away at Windows Server 2013 Release 8.…
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The Study of 3D Modelling
The paper "The Study of 3D Modelling" is a wonderful example of a research proposal on design and technology. The simple wireframe technique developed in the 1960s was replaced by a better alternative in the form of surface modelling. However, surface modelling has limitations as it cannot provide designers with a much better view of the models they are creating.…
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Design Practice of Cone Calorimeter
The paper "Design Practice of Cone Calorimeter" is a good example of a report on design and technology. The cone calorimeter was used to burn samples of blue carpet material, green carpet material, and sample overlay with the intention of gathering information about the combustion, and other parameters that have been associated with combustion. …
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How Does the Aircraft Wing Work and What Components Are on the Wing
The paper “ How Does the Aircraft Wing Work and What Components Are on the Wing?” is an outstanding variant of a literature review on design & technology. Several critical components that enable the plane to fly are the wings. The document indicates the great feasibility of the wings and how the design, materials, and manufacturing are making a change in the operation of the aircraft.…
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Fashion and Textile: Sustainable Product Development Design
The paper "Fashion and Textile: Sustainable Product Development Design" is a  remarkable example of a literature review on design and technology. Sustainable products refer to those products which offer economic, social, and environmental benefit. Such products protect the environment and general public health during their life cycle. That is from raw material to final disposal (Howarth & Hadfield, 2005).…
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Materials, Tribotechnology, and Surface Engineering

 The paper "Materials, Tribotechnology, and Surface Engineering" is a wonderful example of an assignment on design and technology.  Young’s modulus is 97GPa whereas Poisson’s ratio is 0.34. Thus, the effective modulus is given by the formula: Where; Effective modulus, Elastic modulus, and Poisson’s ratio Elastic modulus, Shear modulus, 97GPa

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Analysis and Design Patterns in Computer Science
The paper "Analysis and Design Patterns in Computer Science" is a great example of a report on design and technology. In the world we are living in today, computers have become a necessity in the way we carry out the various activities that we are always involved in. Coming up with these systems is not an easy task but requires a lot of skill.…
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Use of Biometric Technologies for E-Voting
The paper "Use of Biometric Technologies for E-Voting" is a great example of a report on design and technology. Biometrics is the science that aims at fetching human biological characteristics with an automated machine either for the identification or for authentication. This paper gives an overview of biometric methods applied in e-Voting in the UK.…
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Industrial Control Using Wireless Networks
The paper "Industrial Control Using Wireless Networks" is a great example of a report on design and technology. The architecture of the wireless systems has the resources as the major limitations to the full enactment in the industrial control applications. The devices that would be needed would face challenges such as constrainable energy capacit, processing power, and memory limitations.…
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Unified Software Development Process and OOAD
The paper "Unified Software Development Process and OOAD" is a perfect example of a report on design and technology. The development of software application has transitioned from just, writing of codes to a process that entails transforming user’s requirements into a software application or system.…
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Neighborhood Urban Planning in Seattle City
The paper "Neighborhood Urban Planning in Seattle City" is a great example of a capstone project on design and technology. Neighborhood in urban planning is considered a political settlement in a particular territory. It deals with planning that is greater than household size, but smaller than that of a city.…
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Use of Smartphone to Test Wireless Network
The paper "Use of Smartphone to Test Wireless Network" is a wonderful example of a report on design and technology. Since the introduction of mobile networks, their testing and optimization moves have always been made to advance their usage. In many cases, a good quality wireless network meant having a competitive advantage over the other service providers.…
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Development of a Website Using Web Standards
The paper "Development of a Website Using Web Standards" is a wonderful example of a report on design and technology. This paper is a comprehensive report on web design and a key consideration in web development. In reality, the report focuses on web accessibility its importance and how it can be achieved by good practices provided in the guidelines of accessible web design.…
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Explanation and Justification about Colour, Layout Logo and Other Aspects in the Design Pieces
The paper "Explanation and Justification about Colour, Layout Logo and Other Aspects in the Design Pieces" is a wonderful example of a report on design and technology. For any design to be successful enough to achieve the desired objectives, many factors come into play. The design ought to be designed with the audience in mind so that the audience is able to identify with it, and remember it.…
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Computer Networks
The paper "Computer Networks" is a great example of a report on design and technology. A computer network is a group of computers which are linked together. Computer networking involves the integration of various computers through wireless connections or through the use of cabling systems. This is aimed at enhancing telecommunication and information sharing between different computer users.…
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Broadway Training Partners New Training Centre
The paper "Broadway Training Partners’ New Training Centre" is a wonderful example of a report on design and technology. The success in securing clients and the rising demand for corporate training has prompted Broadway Training Partners (BTP) to create a new training centre. The technology components project provides the technology components and support systems for the new centre.…
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Human Digital Interaction
The paper "Human Digital Interaction" is a great example of an assignment on design and technology. The objectives of this assignment are to thoroughly scrutinize the current DVLA system, analyze the shortfalls and flaws of the current system, and to provide suggestions that aim to improve the overall usability of the current system.…
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IQ Corporation Network Planning and Design
The paper "IQ Corporation Network Planning and Design" is a wonderful example of a report on design and technology. As per the requirements of the IQ Corporation, the network requirements are set out and out network consultant group will be tasked with the design of the IQ Corporation network. The current network of the company is as follows.…
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Maintaining Software: PC Technology
The paper "Maintaining Software: PC Technology" is a wonderful example of a report on design and technology. The PC tool kit will ensure that the technical support individuals have a kit that suits needs in a single CD. Since it’s easier for them to carry a single set CD having all tools for detecting faults in PCs tools for management of both their physical and virtual environments.…
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Airborne Software
The paper "Airborne Software" is a great example of a report on design and technology. An aircraft like the Airbus 320 runs in a fly-by-wire system, meaning that software controls most of its vital functions. However, because the airplane cannot tolerate the failure of its fly-by-wire software, its system reliability requirement is a failure rate of 10-9 per hour.…
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Integrated Software and Hardware Trading
The paper "Integrated Software and Hardware Trading" is a great example of a report on design and technology. The need to have a very efficient network infrastructure and a stable connection is a critical requirement for all information-driven enterprises like Integrated Software and Hardware Trading (ISHT).…
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