Competencies of Ambassador of Goodwill – Resume/CV Example

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The paper “ Competencies of Ambassador of Goodwill” is a    motivating version of a resume on professional. An ambassador of goodwill for a country is a member of the ministry of foreign affairs tasked with the job to portray a good image of the country to the world. The purpose of this post is to give a good image of the country so that the country will enjoy good relationships with other nations and hence attract investors to the country. The job will entail traveling most of the time and the person suitable would be the one with experience in traveling.

The person should also be conversant with several languages since different countries have different languages as their official national languages. REPORTING RELATIONSHIPAn ambassador of goodwill is a full-time worker of the government who earns a salary and allowances. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTA goodwill ambassador should possess an undergraduate degree in the field of international relations. The person should also be fluent in English and have extensive knowledge of foreign relationships. A country’ s ambassador of goodwill is where one person is representing his or her country in another country.

When certain information about the country is required the ambassador is the one giving out the information about the country. The job of ambassador of goodwill is found under the ministry of foreign affairs. It has been my great goal and desire to join the ministry of foreign affairs. From the numerous stories that I have heard from both family and friends, I must admit that the job under the ministry of foreign affairs is such a job that has been longing for. First and foremost is the job that delivers good services to the citizens and good relationship with other nations, which makes it my number one choice.

The ministry has also a wide variety of departments to choose from which suits my career choice. As this is a government job, I will be entitled to many allowances. The allowances will include leave, house, travel, and entertainment allowance. As this is a government job, I will be accessing study loans from the government, which will enable me to complete my studies without having any fees problem.

This ministry is the leading in terms of revenue to the country and I would like to be associated with the best performing ministry. In the ministry, I will get an opportunity where I will travel to different countries on government appointments. This will make me be exposed to different people from different countries that we can share skills on how to handle matters concerning foreign affairs. I will be able to get free time to complete my studies s this is a ministry job. I will for the free time that I will be studying to complete my studies. As I will be working and studying, I will gain vats experience in my field of career that I can apply in various opportunities that I will gather for in the future.

Moreover, the ministry of foreign affairs has good programs that make the process of achieving my missions simple and faster. Also, the ministry of foreign affairs has continued to enjoy good national rankings when the country it’ s own ministries. This is also one main reason for picking the ministry of foreign affairs over the best job opportunities.

The job of foreign affairs will enable me to establish a good relationship with other nations and also promote tourist attraction within the country. This will place the country in a better position through earning of foreign exchange. Being an employee in such a ministry with such a collection of history that attracts people from different countries would be a joyous experience. This has led to it attracting more people from all sorts of life; political and religious affiliations, as well as different economic status.

The ministry will also enable people to exercise their talents and potential through participating in the country’ s activities such as advertising the country to tourist attraction and promoting national unity. The ministry has leaders who had the greatest impact on establishing an international relationship with the country. The leaders will act as my role models as I will be following their steps on how they interact with people from different nationals. This will enable to gain the courage that I can work and interact with these people when I am alone.

Another main reason for selecting ministry of foreign affairs is its alumni job placement services. I am pleased with services like career counseling, job searching and networking assistance offered by the ministry of foreign affairs. I am also aware of the programs which help in searching for jobs posted within the ministry. The visits that are made by large firms like American Airlines in search of prospective employees also help in building my confidence with regard to the ease of securing a job.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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